INSIDER BUZZ: What's next w/Allen to ND?

As Friday dawns it appears that Armando Allen will probably make a decision in favor of Notre Dame over the Florida Gators. It would be a huge surprise to most including myself but so goes recruiting. That said, the Gators are expecting a commitment from highly rated cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke a friend of Allen's and a fellow south Floridian. Here is my insight into the situation.

As I was making my way to Atlanta Thursday I got a few phone calls from friends patrolling the internet who found a few clues that something may be amiss in Hialeah. In all actuality the squirmy feeling I had started earlier in the week with a couple of things I had heard, but couldn't put a handle on it enough to report it. I didn't think too much of Cheeseburger Charlie's in-home visit with Armando the night before his decision, because I was of firm belief that he had already made his decision.

INSIDER BUZZ: If Allen to ND, then what?

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