Percy Harvin - Life in the Fast Lane

January 8th will mark the second meeting between Ted Ginn and Percy Harvin. Well, sort of. Nearly one year to the day of the 2007 BCS National Championship Game, Florida's freshman phenom was coached by Ted Ginn Sr. in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl Game.

"I saw him," Harvin said speaking of Ted Ginn Jr. "I had to go to Cincinnati, Ohio for an award. His dad coached me for the (U.S Army) All-American Game. He was our coach for the East team and that's all he kept talking about was his son, and his son and how he did this and how he did that. Who knew that I'd get to play against him? So, I'm just looking forward to playing against him."

"We were doing punt returns and he was always talking about how his son did this and that," he added. "We watched him and he's a great player. He has great speed and great moves, so we're looking forward to playing against him."

Both have recorded long receptions of 58 yards and both have blazing speed. Coach Ginn reported that he has clocked his son at 4.28 in the forty as a high school senior. Harvin said this afternoon that he runs a 4.3 or 4.2 depending on what day it is. He ran a 10.3 one-hundred and a 20.9 two-hundred in high school. He'll run for the Florida track team this spring. That speed is not only a critical element to his success, but the Gators overall success.

"That's one of the keys of our whole team- being our speed on defense and being able to move," he said. "Not being so big, but being athletic. I think that's one of the edges (for Florida) going into the game."

Both will also do whatever is necessary to help their team.

"I'm just going to keep working hard, wherever I end up," Harvin said. "Cause who knew that I would end up at running back this year? I just came and just wanted to work hard and contribute to the team. Wherever they put me I know they ain't going to do anything to hurt me. So, wherever they put me that's where I'll play."

"It depends," he continued when asked where his future finds him. "Different teams it may be best for me to be at running back and certain teams it may be better for me to be at receiver. I just think the game plan and how the game is going will determine that."

Ginn Jr. leads the Buckeyes in total all purpose yards with 117.6 per game, while Harvin is second on the Gators roster with 64.4 yards per game. The Virginia Beach, Virginia native believes the Florida coaches have a successful game plan in place. It's up to the players to carry it out.

"You kind of feel as a receiver they (the coaches) kind of put the game in our hands just to make plays," Harvin said. "It's not me, but our whole receiver group. We've got to come out and be on our "A" game. They've got an explosive offense and we feel like we've got an explosive offense. Just knowing that we're fixing to clash with them and the coach is going to put the ball in our hands and it's up to us to make it work you just feel good that the coach depends on you that much."

"We know they (Ohio State) can get the job done," he respectfully added. "They've been number one all year. Obviously, their players are doing something right. We've been studying them and we think we've got a good game plan. We're just going to go out and play the game."

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