UF vs. UAB Post Game Quotes

Quotes from Ron Zook, Taylor Jacobs, Earnest Graham, and Todd Johnson for the Gators. And quotes from UAB Head Coach Watson Brown, QB Darrell Hackney, DE James Malone, QB Thomas Cox, and RB Kendal Gibson.

Coach Ron Zook:

On the game:
"I'm glad the first game is over with. We told our football team that we were going to go out there and we wanted to feel good about our offense, defense and special teams coming off the field. One thing our guys have done since I've been here, and I'm impressed that they have tried to do everything we have asked them to do. We have talked about focusing on this football game the last 10 days. I think overall it was a great team win. It is a great starting point to build on and obviously we have another big one next week."

"It's hard in the first game of the season because you don't know a lot about their personnel, particularly the fact that they're new and have lost a lot of people on defense from last year. You don't really know what you are going to get or going to see."

On the defense:
"Defensively we have a chance to be a good football team. It was probably good that they had a little success in the first drive against our defense because I feel our defense has got a chance to be a very strong. Our players really fit our system and the coaches have done a great job with them."

On the offense:
"Offensively, we all know that Rex is an excellent quarterback. Taylor Jacobs is an excellent receiver. Earnest Graham is an excellent running back. I'm also very proud of our offensive line. I feel like they are beginning to feel what we want in the running game. We aren't there yet but we're not supposed to be yet. I think we talked about this back when we started a few weeks ago that we are going to start here and just continue to do this and get better."

On the freshmen:
"We played two freshman Ciatrick Fason and Randy Hand. Ciatrick had a touchdown and I was very happy with him. With these two guys we felt like if the opportunity presented itself that we would get them in there to play. As far as I could tell they both did a very good job. We'll continue to play them as much as we can."

On his first game as Head Coach:
"We had the largest opening day crowd. I've said it when I was here before -- this is the best job in football. This is a great place and we have great fans. I really would not let my emotions take over. I tried not to think about it. I want to stay focused on the job at hand and for the most part I did. It was obviously a rush coming out of there, leading the team. We have a close group and these guys are excited and exciting. It was a great honor and a great privilege to be able to do that."

On the no-huddle offense:
"We haven't huddled 20 times since I've been here. That is what we do. The tempo that we have in practice really pays off. They realize now that it is hard to do it during practice and in the games, but you can see why we do it. From a defensive standpoint it used to drive me nuts. It is hard to get ready for it, and you really have to be prepared."

Wide Receiver Taylor Jacobs

On the Record:
"I wasn't aware of the record. It's a great achievement, but that stuff really isn't important."

On setting the tone early:
"Rex and I had been talking about making an impact on the first play all week and that is what we did. They knew we were coming and we just had to take it to them."

On Rex Grossman:
Rex and I work well together. He throws a good ball and I just have to make a good catch. If I don't get open all the way, he finds a way to get it to me."

Running Back Earnest Graham

On the offense:
"It looked good and it felt good. The offensive line blocked great, the wide receivers blocked great and were able to pick up some good yardage."

On UAB's defense (has not allowed a 100 yards rushing):
"That was one of our personal goals for the game … to have someone rush for over 100 yards and go out and show people that we can really run the ball and be both teams (running and passing)."

Strong Safety Todd Johnson

On Florida's defense:
"We felt good about our execution. We know going into next week's game we are going to have to make big improvements, but for the most part we felt good about how we executed the game plan."

On the new game speed:
"Well our game speed is totally different, but we felt good about the way we ran things and there are some things that we need to adjust to in practice, but for the most part we felt good with the game speed."

UAB Head Coach Watson Brown

On the game:
"Well, we just got it handed to us. This is what I was afraid of. We came down here and did not get off to a good start. We lost our composure and just got put away in the second quarter. From then on it is hard to play a one-dimensional game. We just made all kinds of mistakes tonight. We are a long way away from having a good team and I think we knew that coming down here."

On the Gator's performance:
"Florida is very good. Personally I think it is the best team that we have played in my eight years as head coach. I thought that coming down here and I still think that. They have all the pieces. They are running the ball really well, they have a great quarterback (Grossman), and they have plenty of people to throw it to. They are just so fast on defense that it was difficult to keep up with them. This is a really good team that we played.

On UAB's performance:
"We have lots of new people out there this year so we are definitely still a work in progress. We were not competition enough for them (Gators). I am proud of our kids. They got down and played hard. Besides making a whole lot of mistakes out there they did learn a lot tonight, which I think is very good for them. We are going to come back from this and we are definitely going to be ready for next week. I think we will be a much better team in game two then in game one. "

On the combination of Grossman, Jacobs and Graham:
"It was like a two-three punch. They are really great at running the ball. I do not see a weakness in any of them. They are really good tight ends, good running backs and are going to be hard to defend because they are two-dimensional. They can run better then I have ever seen."

UAB Player Post Game Quotes

Quarterback Darrell Hackney

On the Gators:
"They played good tonight. We expected them to come out and play good. We knew coming into the game that we had to limit our mistakes and we had 14 penalties."

On the the rest of the season:
"We need to come back together. We haven't had any conference play yet. This is a non-conference game. We have to get better next week and get ready."

On his performance:
"I was in a rhythm at first, but we have to make plays as a whole. I have to put the ball where they can catch it. We didn't make plays tonight."

Defensive End James Malone

On the defense giving up more than 100 yards to Graham:
"It was real shocking to me, but I guess to you to expect it with the game we had."

On the game:
"All we can do now is learn from this and get better. It was frustrating because we gave up too many big plays. "

On the game:
"I was impressed with Grossman. He was so calm and composed. He was just going along with everything that we did. He is a really good quarterback. I take my hat off to him. He played well tonight."

Quarterback Thomas Cox

On mistakes:
"I think we had 14 penalties. That is ridiculous. We had a scrimmage and I think that we had four of five."

On the Swamp:
"I think we were a little wide-eyed. It got a little loud, but I don't think that is the reason we played like we did. There are a lot of young guys."

On the future:
"I know we are going to be fine. This is one of the best teams in the country. You have the best quarterback out there and Taylor Jacobs was so good. We are going to be fine."

Running Back Kendal Gibson

On the game:
"I feel we didn't come out to play. We started out good, but when we got down we just lost focus. "

On the Swamp:
"We knew coming in here was going to be tough. Florida has only lost three games here in the last 13 years. We knew we had to play an almost perfect game and we fell short."

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