Acks's Insights - 9/2/02

In this week's edition we will grade the Gators, also peek ahead to Miami, throw in some tidbits and wrap up the college football weekend.

In this week's edition we will grade the Gators, also peek ahead to Miami and wrap up the college football weekend.

Running off at the keypad...

Ron Zook's debut was a success and now comes the showdown with Miami Saturday in the Swamp. DE Clint Mitchell returns to the line rotation and this should be a team that is healthy and at full strength for the sunshine showdown. 

Grades for UAB game:
Quarterbacks: A. Rex made some tremendous throws to Taylor Jacobs in man coverage and also zipped in some (Walker, Jacobs and Small) throws that most quarterbacks cannot make. Ingle Martin moved the team and other than an ill-advised throw by Rex (int) played flawlessly. 

Wide Receivers: B+. Jacobs was spectacular and this grade would have been an A if Walker makes the touchdown catch and Perez or Small catch 3 passes. I like Small, he seems to be fearless and the receivers really blocked well down field in the run game.

Running Backs: A. Graham show great vision and set up his blocks real well. Carthon and Snell both blocked well and the unit had four guys score touchdowns. 

Offensive Line: B-. This is a tough call because they ran for over 200 and threw for over 300. There was some token pressure in the passing game from a smallish defensive end player on Colon and Starks. Starks committed outside to soon and Colon never got there. The run blocking was good, especially the inside trap plays and the goal line runs. 

Defensive Line: B. Not enough sacks to be an A, and a couple of big runs where they were tied up hurt their grade. They did get pressure, but they just could not finish. I think McCray, Lee and Mitchell are vital versus Miami. 

Linebackers: B. Bam Hardmon and Nattiel were very active and Nattiel recorded a sack. Hardman had 2 tackles for loss (TFL) as they played a lot. No recorded tackles for the MLB but Farrior did force some plays for the other teammates and UF did use a lot of nickel packages.

Secondary: A. There were no big passes given up and the coverage was good for the most part. Cromartie may have gotten a bad call against him. Todd Johnson led the way with 5 tackles and the secondary accounted for 7 passes defended. 

Special Teams: C. It will be better and expect it to be much improved this week. There were some shanked punts and a missed extra point that need to be corrected for next week. There wasn't a lot of opportunities in the kick return game, because the defense played well. 

Overall this has to be an A, opening day 51 pts and only 3 given up.

Snippets and Tidbits...

Ciatrick Fason won the battle for number 4 as Corey Bailey wore number 7. Bailey is going to be a great safety for the Gators. Maybe not wearing 4 signifies he can actually hang on to an interception...Marquis Westbrook was the fifth defensive back Saturday and played well, including 4 tackles and 1 pass defended...The defensive line will have more numbers this week but Bryan Savelio gives UF a solid performer opposite Ian Scott. I still think Lafavor should start, but UF will play 8 this week versus the Canes...The Offense had a 5 play drive to start the game with a touchdown, but also had 7-8-9-11 play drives that ended in a touchdown. That is a trademark of the new regime...I expect Todd McCollough to play more this week after he made 3 tackles and 1 TFL in limited action...

College Weekend thoughts...

Jason Geathers emerged at running back for the Canes with 196 yards but keep an eye on redshirt freshman Roscoe Parrish, #1, he looks a lot like Santana Moss in the return game and the passing game...Greg Jones has another big game for the Noles at running back and Chris Rix continues to struggle. Teams are dropping 7-8 guys when FSU is in the shotgun daring them to run and they are doing it. The Seminole offensive line is much better at run blocking this year than a year ago...Georgia got a win for the SEC over Clemson but I disagree with Mark Richt's decision to go for it on fourth down late up by 3. It worked for him this time but it shows me he is still going to do things unconventially. I also believe David Greene has lost his confidence, due to this whole DJ Shockley battle from the spring and fall camp. Richt says he is still the starter but it may not be long before Mr. Greene goes into a shell and the Dogs turn to Shockley, full-time. For the record I like David Greene but I think we need to watch him closely...Finally the Vols win 47-7 over Wyoming but another defensive injury, this time to star-linebacker Kevin Burnett who may be gone with a knee injury. The two best pass rush threats could be on the sideline when the Gators and the Vols meet at the end of the month.....

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