'Canes Dominate Gators

The Hurricanes rolled into Gainesville and blew away the Gators 41-16. Miami controlled both lines of scrimmage and was able to keep Heisman candidate Rex Grossman from throwing a touchdown. There are still ten games left in the season and a huge matchup in two weeks in Knoxville. The Hurricanes are still the best team in the country while Florida has some work to do to prove it can contend with the best.

Gator Offense:
It was a miserable day in the passing game for the Gators.  There have been concerns about who the "other" receiver may be and it still is a good question.  Can the guys other than Taylor Jacobs get open? To take that one step further is this offense really a good system for Rex?  A week ago Florida through a bunch of fades for the big play and against Miami they tried a lot of crossing routes, slants and under-thrown fades. They did not throw any corner routes of note-or when they called them the other receivers did not get open. Miami's secondary baited Rex on a couple of interceptions and he really eyed his receivers during the game. I thought this would be a big game for Carlos Perez and it did not happen. The offensive line started out pass protecting really well early then wore down as the game progressed and Miami began to pin it's ears back. They did run the ball well and this may be the silver lining in the game offensively. Colon and Jorgensen really struggled and did not play well. Guys who did play well included Earnest Graham who ran hard and the tight ends played pretty good. Penalties including the delay of game after the blocked punt cost the Gators any chance of capturing momentum.

Gator Defense:
For a little over one quarter the UF defense played exactly how I thought it would. Problem is the game is four quarters and they really wore down on the line of scrimmage.  Brett Romberg won the match-up with Ian Scott while the 'Cane offensive line was much better than most people thought. They really dominated in the running game.  Bam Hardman had a great game but that was it for the defense.  Matt Farrior and Reid Fleming continue to look below average and the secondary struggled with Keiwan Ratliff getting beat on a post corner by Andre Johnson while Guss Scott and Todd Johnson uncharacteristically missed tackles. The running performance by Miami resembled the last big game in the Swamp versus Tennessee. Missed tackles. Florida's defense line just wore down against a bigger stronger Cane o-line.  When Florida went up 10-6 that was the time to get a stop on defense and like champions do Miami fired back a long touchdown drive. There was good pressure on Dorsey and they did do some things in the passing game including 3 interception two by Johnson and one by Hardman for a touchdown.

Special Teams:
Florida struggled once again and I believe this will get better through time. They did block a punt but the offense only got three points. It has not been a good start with a missed field goal and a missed extra point so look for the focus to be strengthened in the coming weeks.

What's Next:
Florida must subscribe to the theory that losing early does not kill a season and get things righted before the Tennessee game. The one problem is they lost ugly and that is not good for confidence.  UF must find it's confidence, develop some positions and continue to play with emotion against a bad Ohio team. This a positive coaching staff and I do not expect Zook to let the result of this game linger in his locker room. Miami was the better team, maybe not by 25 points, but nonetheless they were where Florida wants to be. A balanced offensive attack that capitalizes on field position and turnovers and a deep defensive team that creates turnovers and mistakes by offenses.

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