SPRING: Five Questions with Ahmad Black

Wednesday was a special day for Ahmad Black, as he stepped into his first college practice with three of his high school teammates. Though stifled by his hamstring a few times on the field, Black is confident that his health will continue to improve this spring, and his grasp of the defense will as well.

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The cornerback spent some time to talk after practice about how special this day is and what he has learned so far.

Q: "How was your first day of spring practice?"

A: "It was good. I'm still recovering a little bit from my hamstring injury but it's going well right now. Obviously it's the first day I got to come out here and run some of the defense so there were so there were some mistakes, but overall it was a good practice."

Q: "The cornerback position is probably the most open position on the depth chart right now. How high is the intensity level with this in mind?"

A: "It's very high out there. All of us guys know that, so we're all fighting to get on the field. I got some time at the nickelback position today, too. I'm happy with whichever position gets me on the field first right now."

Q: "How well do you think you've picked up the defense so far?"

A: "Well obviously I'm still in the early stages of the learning process, but I feel like I'm doing well. The coaches have helped me out quite a bit with it and it's going real well, especially still having a lot more practices this spring to learn it."

Q: "How was it to come out to your first college practice and still see three guys you went to high school with at Lakeland?

A: "That's really been cool; a lot of our coaching staff from Lakeland was even here today. I don't get to see the Pounceys much during practices because we're split up into different groups, but I get to see a lot of Paul (Wilson). I'm really looking forward to going up against Paul some this spring."

Q: "What do you hope to get accomplished this spring?"

A "Well right now everyone's goal is to come in and win a starting spot and that's definitely my number one goal, either at cornerback or nickel. Besides that, I would say that I want to learn the defensive schemes better."

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