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As you've no doubt noticed, there have been some changes to the Florida Gator website on For the time being, we'll be calling it ""

Despite Scout's tireless efforts to work out a non-legal solution, GatorCountry has made the decision to leave the Network. Without getting into all the details, and simply sticking to the facts, it's true that GatorCountry's contract with Scout contains a non-compete provision. But like you, we have friends and (former) colleagues on the GatorCountry staff and have no desire to engage in public mud-slinging. While both sides state their case through the legal process, the most important question for Scout subscribers is, "what can I expect to receive in the way of Gator content?"

Because of Scout's focus on trying to solve the dispute with GatorCountry amicably, we did not move to sign new content providers immediately following GatorCountry's announcement last week that they had filed a lawsuit. Now that GatorCountry has left, it's important that we move quickly to bring aboard writers, moderators and other contributors who will provide the type of coverage and community that you have come to expect. And that is exactly what Scout is doing. We hope to have some announcements soon. We ask for your patience as we go through this process. The most important objective is to sign top quality contributors, and there's no shortage of prospects who are interested in doing the work.

The next few weeks of transition may try your patience, as well as ours, but in the end, Scout will continue delivering the high quality content needed to match the passion for team and recruiting news that Gator fans require. In the meantime, add to your bookmarks.

Thank you for your patience Management

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