Q&A w/ Shane Matthews

[MEDIA:32872]<B>Shane Matthews</B> debut as the Washington Redskins quarterback was a huge success throwing for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in a 31-23 win over Arizona. The "East Coast Offense" is revved up in DC and Shane comments on game one and the upcoming opponent in the Philadelphia Eagles.

Brady Ackerman:  Assess your first game?
Shane Matthews: I thought it went well, we can definitely improve. I probably missed some guys on some deep reads but in this league wins are all that matters and we were happy to move the ball and get the "w."
BA: What did coach say at half-time?
Shane: We did not make a lot of adjustments to the game plan we stayed positive and just said let's execute and we will be fine.
BA: What about getting the ball to Stephen Davis early?
Shane: That's something we wanted to do.  He was rested and ready to go and I think he is going to have a big year. We took it easy in the preseason with him.  He carried the ball more than any back last year.
BA:  What about Rod Gardner?
Shane:  Rod is a big prototypical NFL receiver who will go across the middle of the field. He had a good game and I like all our receivers I think we have a great corp.
BA: Was Coach any different with it being the regular season?
Shane: No, he likes to win and is very competitive and we had a good plan for Arizona.
BA: Next week a much better opponent in Philadelphia.
Shane: I am looking forward to it with it being on Monday night and so forth. They like to blitz and have a great secondary so it will be a good challenge for us. I think we can play better as an offense and we will need to against the Eagles.
BA:  A lot was made of the "check-audible "system on the broadcast, can teams steal that?
Shane: We have things in place where we can mix it up, we are not worried about that.
BA: If you struggle versus Philly, there are those who will say well the East Coast Offense worked against a bad team but not a good one.
Shane: It is always going to be like that with criticism, and that's ok. Coach Spurrier likes it and likes a challenge and we will get better  It is all about getting wins in this league.
BA: How is it in Washington so far?
Shane:  Fans are real excited and we like it.  On our off day we get to go to the Pentagon with our wives and see it and that was real cool.

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