Vettel: Most Mystifying Draft Ever

The first time I ever was personally involved in the NFL draft was 1981 when I sat in Cris Collinsworth's apartment waiting to see where his pro career would begin. I have been somewhat involved in every NFL selection process since, at leas to some extent. I must say, this draft surprised me more than any I have ever paid attention to.

The Florida Gators saw two players chosen in Sunday's second day of the NFL selection process. One, Joe Cohen was surprising good news for a guy who most projected as a free agent. The other, Marcus Thomas was an obvious rejection of the NFL's so-called emphasis on character.

Not that Thomas is a bad guy, he isn't. But his decision-making leaves a lot to be desired. Yet Brandon Siler whose character is off the charts had to wait until the latter stages of round seven before he finally got his call form the San Diego Chargers.

Dallas Baker (Pittsburgh) and DeShawn Wynn (Green Bay) also had to wait until round seven, while Chris Leak and Earl Everett had to settle for free agent opportunities.

Denver, Niners Like Gators

When all was said and done you certainly couldn't complain about a couple of NFL franchises that showed plenty of love for the guys in Orange and Blue. The Denver Broncos under the direction of former Florida Assistant Mike Shanahan traded up to grab Jarvis Moss. They followed that up by grabbing the aforementioned Marcus Thomas in round four and added Steven Harris as a free agent as they try to build an all-Gator defensive line (Gerard Warren is already on hand).

San Francisco also had a Gator-oriented day with the selections of Ray MacDonald and Joe Cohen in addition to trading for receiver Darrell Jackson who has been very productive for the Seattle Seahawks.

Tough Road Ahead

It's hard to make an NFL team as a free agent but that's what a number of members of the 2006 Gators will have to do. It's not a big surprised that Chris Leak is in that category. At 5'11" and change Leak lacks the size NFL teams want to see in a QB. Most undersized quarterbacks offer up escape ability (i.e.: Doug Flutie), which Leak does not. Still, he'll get a shot in Chicago to prove he's worth keeping around.

Earl Everett as I write this has not agreed to terms with anyone and is the most stunning draft omission I have ever seen. I know he is not the most instinctive linebacker on earth, but the guy has athletic ability, toughness and character and should be a demon on special teams if nothing else. Watching some of the names go by the ticker while Everett went unclaimed was remarkable.

When you spend as much time with these guys as I do you kinda lose perspective and objectivity come draft day(s). You want to see the best for these guys because you know what they have been through. But putting that aside, I have usually been able to get a pretty good handle on what was going to happen during the draft.

Not this time.

I have never been more surprised by Brandon Siler falling to the seventh round and Earl Everett not being drafted at all. Keep these two guys in mind when you here NFL types drone on about character and wanting the right type of guys. Siler and Everett are not only capable players; they are the right kind of guys. The teams that passed on them deserve guys like Tank Johnson and Pac Man Jones.

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