Gator rings impress Harmon

How does a 328-pound lineman spend the spring months getting ready for the upcoming football season? Louisville (Ga.) Jefferson County High School's A.J. Harmon has spent it running a leg of the 4x400 for his track team. Harmon participated in the event as a favor to his football coach, plus he was able to shed a few pounds.

[premium]Harmon is one of the top-rated linemen in the country with the ability to play on both sides of the ball. His size and athleticism have college coaches knocking down the doors of Jefferson County just to get a look at the four-star prospect. Last Friday, it was Gator head coach Urban Meyer and tight end and offensive tackle coach Steve Addazio who dropped by for a visit.

"Those rings really stuck out," Harmon said. "Man, it was cool. I couldn't go wrong with them, and I don't know where I'm going to go. I just don't want anyone to be mad at my decision."

Harmon said he receives texts from Florida about twice a week, and they said they would most likely be back for his spring game which falls on May 25.

"They just came by to say hey," he said. "My teachers showed them around and all, and I thought it was cool that they came because they came all the way from Florida just to see me. It means a lot to me and shows me that they really want me."

Harmon has a laundry list of offers, including offers from just about every school in the Southeastern and Atlantic Coast Conferences. His home state school is in the lead, and last month he indicated that he may make a decision sooner than later, but he said now he is thinking about waiting.

"Georgia is in the lead, but I want my parents to check out all of the schools before I make a decision," Harmon said. "If I am to make a decision, it will probably be sometime next year during my banquet because it will be my senior year. This past year, certain people came to my banquet because Coach (Mark) Richt was there. If we can get another coach to come next year, than I'll commit there because I want everyone to come and support our football program."

With the ability to play on both sides of the ball, Harmon said his preference is to play defensive tackle. But if there is the chance to play sooner as an offensive tackle, he'll jump on it.

"I want to play early because I've only sat on the bench for one season in my whole entire life and that was my sixth grade year," Harmon said. "I was seven years old playing football with 13 and 14 year old kids and I was starting. Then in my sixth grade year, I sat on the bench and I've been working hard ever since. I may not start in my freshman year, but I want to play, and I want to start by my sophomore year."

Harmon wants to lose weight so he can become a more effective defensive player. That's why he made the decision to run track this spring.

"I'm working on my weight right now," he said. "I want to get back down to 300 or 290. I want to lose it and get quicker, so I can be as fast as lightning."

Harmon said there are two things he's looking for in a school – an opportunity to go pro and a place that will make his parents happy.

"I want to go where my mom and dad will be happy," he said. "And, I just want to go pro. I could go to San Jose Tech for all I care if I can have a chance to go pro."

Harmon's spring practice doesn't begin until May 14. In the meantime he said he's concentrating at getting better in the weight room.[/premium]

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