Ohio Wrap Up

Florida got a much needed 34-6 win over Ohio in a bizarre evening at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. The game was marked by a 46 minute rain delay in which Ohio led 3-0 while the Gators simmered in the dressing room. Many questions are still left unanswered, but some new guys did show flashes of potential.<

Gator Offense:
Rex Grossman said after the game that this offense is on the verge of greatness, but we will have to wait and see if that is possible after only putting up 365 yards.  Grossman still does not look comfortable in the shotgun-read offense of Zaunbreaker.   He forced many throws and had a bad looking interception. He did however throw a nice long ball to Taylor Jacobs that T.J. uncharacteristically dropped.  Jacobs had a bad day with only catching two balls and dropping a couple, plus he was bothered by a shoulder injury in the first half. After an early fumble, Graham ended up with 60 yards buoyed by the fact that he had a 40 yard touchdown.  Ran Carthon looked better in the wet conditions and had his best game.  Vernell Brown finally got the ball and looked like most of us thought he would-fun.  Matt Jackson had his best game at receiver filling in the first half for Jacobs.  Randy Hand got the start at right guard and struggled early but did ok. Ohio's "50" look on defense caused some assignment problems for the young o-line.  I do not like the switching each series of lineman. I believe the guys must get in there and see the defense and communicate with each other to get better. We saw Hand-Colon,Jorgensen-Mitchell,Jorgensen-Hand and Colon-Mitchell. That is too much.  I think they should settle on one combo one position and go. They did however run for 4 touchdowns giving them 10 on the season.

Ack's Take:
Rex is doing everything they ask of him and is being a good soldier. He is probably not going to be fully comfortable in this system until deep into the season. He has been trained under center and to throw on time and now he is getting used to being in the shotgun and waiting for reads to come open. Speaking of coming open Jacobs had a bad night, but I would move Matt Jackson over to Kelvin Kight's spot and play him and Vernell.  Perez did have a long catch, but it appears until Rex is comfortable, the line dominates on protection we see what we are seeing. The offense was 7-13 on third and fourth down while they only had the ball 22 minutes plus. The touchdown before the half to Aaron Walker was a big play for momentum.

Gator Defense:
Ohio used a little different offense in this game than the first two. They went to the triple option which is what they used so well a year ago. The defense played well.   Dontrell Jackson ran for 118 yards on 29 carries but the Bobcat offense only had 190 yards total. Ohio held the ball for 37 minutes including the 20 play drive that took nearly 9 minutes off the clock. Florida adjusted at half time and shut down Ohio in the second half. Ian Scott played his best game so far this season and was really disruptive in the backfield. Clint Mitchell played well from the end position, as he started. As for the linebackers, Todd McCollough was solid in his first start while Bam Hardman had some early problems with adjusting to the middle and getting cut by lineman, but he played better as the game wore on.

Ack's Take:
Florida committed some of the same mistakes as last week by overpursuing and being too aggressive early in the game. But they made the adjustments at half time and played much better in the second half. The overall rushing stats are a bit misleading in that Ohio averaged 2.9 yards per play in the game and ran it 62 times.  Florida still looks vulnerable though versus the run and as long as they stay in the 4-3 defense I think they will struggle.  I would like to see more of Thompson's 3-3 defense and play man on the corners and allow Johnson and Scott to be support in the ally's on the run.

Special Teams:
Ratliff did have a 24 yard return and a 41 yard return and Sean Morton got all 3 of his kicks off for a 40.3 average. Leach still struggles with extra points, although it was very wet.  But it did seemed somewhat better versus a below average Ohio Team.

Ack' Take:
If Florida needs a field goal in Knoxville to win forget about it. Morton did a nice job but Hunter has a better leg and Ratliff must run a couple back against top flight opponents.

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