Should the Three-Point Line be Moved?

Last week I ranted about my disagreement with the decision to move the three-point line back a foot in college basketball. I think the decision will make college basketball more physical and more "zone" oriented on the floor.

I could tolerate a move to the international distance of 20'6" if it coincided with the NBA moving its line to the same spot, but arbitrarily deciding to move it back a foot is absurd.

Additionally – and believe me I'm not an artistic guy – the decision to move the men's line and leave the women's line alone will result in having two lines on most if not all floors and that will look awful. You know how bad it looks now when you have a college game on a "pro" floor? Well some of those floors will now have three lines. Ain't that gonna be pretty?

The least appreciated skill in basketball is probably passing, with shooting right behind. We love players who can jump out of the gym and slam the ball through the net, but we tend to take good shooters for granted. Making them less valuable by pushing back the line will be bad for the game.

That's what I think. Do you agree?

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