Who was the Greatest? Part 7

For the past two weeks, FightinGators.com's Larry Vettel as broken down the best to wear each number for Florida Gators basketball. It's an encore of Larry's series last year when he listed the best to wear each number for Gator football. In this final installment, Larry tackles No. 50-55.

Our final installment looks at the guys who wore the highest numbers you're allowed to wear.

# 50 ----- Udonis Haslem ----- He came to the Gators from Miami Senior High School and was one of the building blocks of the Billy Donovan era. Udonis arrived with a variety of low post offensive moves, but needed to work hard to become a better defender and rebounder. And he did. U-D is one of only four Gators to top 17-hundred points and was sensational against Michigan State in the 2001 NCAA Title Game. His 27 point effort kept the Gators in hailing distance. His 1567 points in the NCAA Tournament was a UF record until this season. (Corey Brewer 198)

# 51 ----- Augie Greiner ----- According to UF records, Augie is the only one to have worn that number. He averaged 6.1 points in 50 games in the mid-fifties. He sold a lot of ties in the years that followed.

# 52 ----- Kenyan Weaks ----- He came from Concord, North Carolina with a jump shot and little else but he developed into a fine all-around player and a defensive stopper. Still it was his three point shooting accuracy (.427) that really stood out. Weaks was the lone senior on the 2,000 Gators who won a share of the SEC Title in the O'Dome. I'll never forget him being carried in like a king sitting on his throne.

# 53 ----- Ronnie King ----- Just like # 51, # 53 has only been worn by one guy according to the records. King was a walk-on who left the Air Force Academy and rarely played. He was a nice kid.

# 54 ----- Robert Agee ----- At least there are two guys to choose from here. Agee was a Gator from Tennessee who was probably a better golfer than basketball player. He averaged 2.7 points and 1.9 rebounds in his two Gator seasons.

# 55 ----- Andrew DeClercq ----- Thank goodness he liked big numbers. DeClercq was the ultimate blue collar, high energy guy for Lon Kruger. He was never a big scorer, topping out at 13.2 his senior season, but he was a strong consistent player all four years. DeClercq was sensational during Florida's Final Four run and his blocked shot against Connecticut was one of the most amazing plays I've ever seen. He finished up just 42 rebounds shy of 1,000 and remains third on the All-Time UF list in that category.

So there you have it, my picks for the best Gators to have worn each number on the basketball floor. Hope you enjoyed it and offered up your own ideas on the subject. And I hope someone in the basketball offices takes a look at this list and assigns certain numbers to incoming freshmen to upgrade the list somewhat.

We shall see.

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