Top Rated Prospect Will Visit Gainesville

The top-rated prospect in the nation isn't any closer to making a decision, but he did just recently learn that he will be heading south in July. Wichita (Kan.) East linebacker Arthur Brown confirmed that he will make a stop in Gainesville over the summer.

Arthur Brown is a 6-1, 225-pound prototypical linebacker with 4.5-speed. He's big, fast, aggressive and likes to hit hard, which are all factors that have this five-star backer being courted by just about every major Division 1-A school in the country.

Brown has made one thing clear, he wants to visit the schools in the Southeast and is looking forward to the opportunity to do so.

"We have decided on some schools, but not all," Brown said. "Florida is one. We are going to attend that one. Georgia, Arkansas and some other places also, but I'm not completely sure."

In the next few weeks, he'll be taking trips to Oklahoma, LSU and Colorado. His main objective is to research and learn more about each school while also trying to feel out the coaching staffs. Since his recruitment is national, it's been tough for him to develop personal relationships with any coaches.

"It's been tough, but then again it's the same with all the schools," he said. "You only get to talk to them a couple of times on the phone, so really there are no advantages for any of the coaches. Right now, they are really all the same."

He has gained a tremendous amount of support from Brian Butler of Potential Players – a non-profit organization in the Wichita area. A few weeks ago, Butler was responsible for bringing the Nike camp to Wichita, which drew a long list of head coaches.

"Brian Butler is really helping us," Brown said. "He's really dedicating a lot of time and effort to getting us out there to these schools. He provides us with a lot of analysis and information from the schools. He's been a really big help throughout this recruiting process."

Brown said coaches from the big three Florida schools have visited just to show their faces and let him know that they are interested in him.

"They've all been very aggressive with me," Brown said. "They are shipping letters to me in bundles. Like all the schools, they are just trying to get their names out there."

For now, distance is not a factor for Brown in his search.

"The fact of me leaving home really isn't a factor because I'm considering everywhere," he said. "It won't be a big factor in my decision making at all. What I am considering is what kind of athletes and recruits they are bringing into their program. I want to be surrounded by other great players that have the same aspirations that I do - guys that will go out there and work and want to win a national championship."

Being so highly rated, there are a lot of prospects looking to see where Brown ends up as well, but he's not letting any of the hype surrounding him affect him.

"I've really not been taking it to the head at all, not at all," Brown said. "It's just an honor to be ranked No. 1 among all the players in the nation. I just want to represent myself well and my hometown well and the state of Kansas. It's not taking a toll on me and it's not a burden at all. I just look at it as an honor."

Here are some of Brown's thoughts about some of the southern schools:

"I've always liked Florida. They are a big name school. I'm just really anxious to get some more information and learn a lot more about that school."

"I really like their coaches. Kamerion Wimbley [Wichita native] went there, and I've heard how nice of a place it is, and I think it's a place I would fit in which is always important."

"I don't know too much about Georgia. I do know that they have a real good defensive game, which will be another factor in my decision. They are really big on my list and I'm looking forward to learn more about them."

"I really do like the linebacker coach from Miami. I really feel a connection with them. Like all the Florida schools, I'm really interested in going down there and finding out more about the schools and the people."

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