The SEC Title Game: Part 2

We continue our look at the performances of each SEC program since conference expansion created the SEC Championship Game 15 years ago. The top six teams in this conference are not very tough to choose since they are the only schools to win the SEC title in that time.

Additionally they are the six winningest programs in that time, and each has made at least three trips to the SEC Championship game. Four of the six have also won a National Championship during this time.

I also want to point out that the NCAA-mandated forfeit of ten Alabama wins in 1993 does not apply here. I don't believe in pretending things that happened didn't happen. Alabama won those games on the field, just as Florida won the SEC Title in 1984.

While the bottom six pretty much followed the win total over the 15 years, we'll mix it up a bit here.

#6 LSU ----- The Bayou Bengals have really ridden the roller coaster in the last 15 years, posting five losing seasons and five ten-wins seasons. They won a share of the National Title in 2002 and won two of three trips to the SEC Championship game. Still, they have just 114 wins and that inconsistency leaves them at this spot.

#5 Georgia ----- Mark Richt has established Georgia as a consistent winner, except of course in Jacksonville. They have won two SEC Titles in three trips to Atlanta and actually have more wins than two other teams ranked higher. The inability to handle their top rival has to count against them.

#4 Auburn ----- The Tigers have had fewer outstanding seasons, but far more consistency than LSU by comparison. Auburn has experienced just three losing seasons, while three ten-win seasons interrupt a string of seven, eight and nine win campaigns. They also had a perfect season (1993) while on probation and another in 2004 when our idiotic system of determining a national champ left them on the outside looking in.

#3 Alabama ----- I'm sure those who chant "War Eagle" will be outraged that Alabama gets the higher nod, and with good reason. They will point to Auburn having six more wins and that's after I gave ‘Bama credit for its since-forfeited victories in 1993. But ‘Bama did win the National Title in 1992 and they have played in five SEC Championship games with two wins.

#2 Tennessee ----- The most stable program in the conference since expansion has to be the Vols. Phillip Fulmer took over for Johnny Majors four games into the 1992 season and he's been there ever since. The Vols and Gators played such huge games in the mid-to-late nineties that any fan that missed out on it really got shortchanged. Tennessee's 141 wins is the second most in the league as are their two SEC Championships. Tennessee ran the table in 1998, much to Florida's chagrin and also may have cost the Gators another national title with their 2001 win in The Swamp.

#1 Florida ----- It's somewhat stunning just how great the Florida program has been over the past 15 years. The Gators have 148 wins, seven more than the second-place Vols. Florida can claim six SEC Championships while no other league school has more than two. Florida's eight appearances in the game in Atlanta is three more than Alabama's second place total. And just for another point, they've won two National Championships.

That's how I see it with the most competitive teams in the nation's most competitive conference. Your feedback, as always is welcome.

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