Inside Access with Covaughn Deboskie

Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators are looking for a big time running back and Covaughn Deboskie, at 6-0, 192-pounds from Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton fits the bill. Deboskie's offer list is around 20 from some of the top programs in the country.

Covaughn Deboskie has written offers from Georgia Tech, Florida, California, UCLA, Stanford, Mississippi State, Navy, Arizona State, Arizona, Illinois and Nebraska. He also has verbal offers from Clemson, Michigan, Oregon, Oregon State, Colorado State, Texas Christian and Washington State.

Meyer and company have made it very clear that they are in search of an all-purpose running back to come in and carry the load. Deboskie is coming off a very impressive junior season in which he totaled more than 1,700 yards with 24 touchdowns. He has great size to go a long with 4.35 speed. The four-star running back is at the top of the Gators' wish list for 2008, and Deboskie and teammate four-star wide receiver Gerell Robinson are scheduled to attend Friday Night Lights in July. Here is a look at Covaughn Deboskies Recruiting Diary over the last week.

May 27 ---
"I am happy because I finally get one week to rest my sore hamstrings. Today I got about 14 text messages from schools all saying about the same thing "Happy Memorial Day weekend." I kind of know from experience that they sent the same message to about 30 different players. Only a couple stood out. Coach Ron Gould from California, Coach Willie Taggert from Stanford, Coach Spence from Clemson and Coach Curtis Modkins from Georgia Tech. Those were the only ones that sent personal messages."

May 28 ---
"Monday, I had to take pictures for Tom Lemmings and then go to workouts at IKEI Performance. I had a great talk with Jason Jewell from Scout. That night I got a couple calls from coaches. Coach Taggert from Stanford and Coach Robert Gillespie from South Carolina. I found out that South Carolina didn't want to offer me because I was more probable to stay out west (that was okay for me but I really did want to consider South Carolina)."

May 29 ---
"The next two days I got about 24 different texts from coaches but I had finals where my physics final was hard but my precalculus final was a cakewalk."

"I tried not to text coaches during the test because I was trying to focus. It was hectic so I stayed away from the text messaging during the tests."

May 30 ---
"Wednesday was graduation and right before it started, Coach Stan Drayton called me and wanted to talk to me about the running back situation at Florida. I was flattered in my mind because I knew he got two recruits Bo Williams and Chris Rainey in last year's class."

May 31 ---
"Thursday, Colorado State offered me a scholarship. Coach Curt Cignetti from Alabama called and told me he and the running backs coach wanted to offer me but they have to let Coach Nick Saban see my highlight tape first and that I would know by Monday. I was truly excited because 98,000 people at a spring game meant they had loyal fans, and I know Kenny King personally and he went to Alabama."

May 1 ---
"Friday was kind of slow in that I really did not get that many texts other than from reporters and some coaches."

May 2 ---
"Saturday was a special day because it was my mother's birthday and she had to stay home because my grandmother had just got home from the hospital. Happy Birthday to the BEST mother in the entire world! My father, brother (Caleve Deboskie) and I flew to San Jose, California. While we were there we visited Stanford and I talked to Coach Taggert and he showed me some dorm rooms and around the campus, he also showed me some spring film and he tried to influence me that they needed a running back that could go that extra distance. It was a good visit over all, I wish Coach Jim Harbrough was there so I could have got to know him better, but over all it was okay."

"Later that night, I received some messages from UCLA asking me if I had dropped them off my list. Apparently, they had read something on a web site that led them to that conclusion. I pointed out that if they read the entire article, I was trying to build relationships with my position coach because that is the person that I was going to be with for the next three to five years. I based my list off that (whom I had built good relationships with). It was not as if it was my final list or anything and they did not have to recruit me to get me. In the end, this is just a business decision and I am a product. I cannot go to a school that I know nothing about. When he asked me what my interest was in UCLA I responded with the same as their interest in me."

May 3 ---
"Sunday, I had the California camp where I was able to see how Coach Gould coached. He had different philosophies than what I was used to, so I learned a lot of new things and techniques. It seemed as if he was closely watching me the most, and when he would talk to the whole group it was as if he were talking just to me with his examples. He also had some funny drills in which he used a boxing glove on a stick to try and punch the ball out in drills."

"Later, we had the fastest man race out of all the players there. In addition, I won the whole thing. I did not think I would win because my hamstrings were starting to hurt, since I only got a week recovery. Later after the camp I talked to Coach Tedford, he was very honest with me, and told me what he wanted in his system, and I fitted his niche that he created. He also showed me a layout of the future for California and their upgraded stadium. After that we were in a race to get to the San Jose Airport, and we barely made it with 10 minutes to spare and my father had to pay 70 extra dollars because he didn't get to fill the gas tank up :-). Nevertheless, during the plane ride I was thinking about California and Stanford. I have a passing league game tomorrow and my legs are sore!"

"Overall, my mother really likes Stanford and my brother Caleve Deboskie, but there are schools I still have to look into. I really liked Coach Taggert and Coach Gould. However, they were completely different. Coach Taggert is exactly like me in every way, and he is hip and young and listens to the same music as me, and is country and he is also very funny. On the other hand, Coach Gould is a saint and only listens to gospel and jazz, and goes to church on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. I have a non-demonic devil (just a simile not actually me) and an angel on my shoulder telling me to go to there school."

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