Some Should Have Changed Their Minds

All this talk about Billy Donovan changing his mind about leaving the Gators for the NBA got everyone talking. The talk has not only been about Donovan; but much has been said and written about others who have announced changing jobs only to change their minds and go back.

From Dana Altman to Rollie Massimino to Bill Bellichek, Bill Parcells and Joe Paterno there's a long list of coaches who have decided one thing only to flip flop in a matter of days.

But what about those who should have reconsidered their decisions? Where are the stories about those who made changes they shouldn't have? Well here's one. Limiting myself just to Gator related situations; here are some guys who really should have made other decisions.

Anthony Roberson ----- After averaging over 17 points a game for the second consecutive season, Roberson decided he was ready for the NBA. But the league didn't have a burning need for a six-foot shooting guard. Instead of returning for his senior season to sharpen is point guard skills Roberson went undrafted and has bounced around in the two years since. I don't know if his presence would have made it easier or tougher for the Gators to win it all in 2005-06, but it sure would have been in his best interests.

Dee Webb ----- Even before he created a new meaning to the term "shotgun formation" Webb's decision to turn pro was obviously a mistake. A guy with the talent to be picked in the top 50 or so ended up sliding to the seventh round. Instead of being part of a national title run he was the lowest paid player on his team and will have to have four strong seasons in the league before he can approach the money he would have gotten.

Don DeVoe ----- He had the sympathy of many in the basketball world when he was dismissed by Tennessee after the 1989 season and would have been a prime candidate to job openings the following year. Instead he made the mistake of accepting an interim appointment at UF and compounded that screw up by trying to earn the job full-time by bullying the defending SEC Champs into a disastrous campaign. His high-handed tactics set Florida Basketball back three years and left him at Navy. At least there the guys who talk back don't get benched, they get sent to Leavenworth.

Brandon Siler ----- I'm not criticizing Brandon because I thought he was a certain first day selection and that it was time to go, but falling to round seven had to be devastating. It turns out another year at UF perhaps demonstrating versatility by playing the "Sam" spot would have been better for him in the long run.

LeRon Williams ----- Perhaps the most highly-recruited player signed by Lon Kruger, Williams had many attributes. However a strong work ethic was not on the list. After two seasons in Gainesville he decided this new coach from Marshall was too demanding and Williams moved on to South Carolina. He never reached his potential, but two seasons with Billy Donovan just might have led to something special.

Ronnie Wilson ----- He got into an altercation with someone downtown and got physical. That's bad decision # 1. He then took turns following that individual in his car and being followed by that guy. Bad decision # 2. Then few up with the whole thing he decided to scare the guy off by pulling a gun out of his trunk and firing it. Bad decision # 3. Changing any of those decisions would have really helped him out.

There are many others. Which ones did I leave out?

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