Schwartz Returns from Gainesville

Orlando fullback Jeremiah Schwartz was in Gainesville last week for an unofficial visit. After working out with running back coach Stan Drayton, Schwartz left the UF campus with a positive impression.

"We left Orlando Sunday night and spent the night," Jeremiah Schwartz said. "Monday morning, the first person I saw was Coach Stan Drayton at about 8:00 a.m. over at the stadium. They had the camp going on so Coach, Drayton immediately put me with the running backs and I went through all the drills including one-on-one with the staff."

"I think I did real well in the first session, especially on the cutting drills. Overall, the first session was a very good day for me. After lunch, we started the second session, which was in pads. We were working on pass blocking and our overall technique. The coaches were telling me to keep my head steady and my lower body low so I could explode through the block on the linebackers. We then broke for dinner and then came back to talk a little bit more with the entire staff."

"I watched the Florida highlight tape about the journey that they went on last year. It was amazing. The staff told me that they want to keep in touch with me and speak to my high school coach some more. It was overall just a great camp."

Next up for Schwartz is a visit to Ohio State with Michael Brewster.

Last week was a busy week for Schwartz as his recruiting has accelerated to high gear. He continues to receive text messages from the Gators and Coach Charlie Strong, West Virginia, Florida Atlantic, University of South Florida, Northwestern and the Buckeyes.

Schwartz also continues to receive large quantities of written correspondence - Georgia Tech, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia and Maryland just to name a few.

Schwartz is one of the top fullbacks in the country, and the recruiting floodgates have poured all over him the last several weeks. He is taking his time with the process and reviewing all the schools that he is considering very carefully. At the end of the day, home is where the heart is and I think Jeremiah's heart is in Gainesville.

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