Deboskie Has Busy Week

Urban Meyer has stated many times that all he wants is a big time running back. In my mind, that back is 6-0, 192-pound Covaughn Deboskie.

Covaughn Deboskie decided that he wanted to participate in our weekly "Recruiting Diary" that will chronicles his recruitment during the summer and into his senior season. Anyone who thinks that the recruiting process does not take a toll on the high school athlete need only read below. These events took place from June 4 through June 9.

"Today, all I know is that I woke up and my hamstrings were sore (foreshadowing), and we played Brophy for a seven-on-seven passing league game. When we got there I found out we were playing three other teams. We ended up playing Cactus Shadows, Brophy and Notre Dame. We won every game except for the Brophy game."

"Tuesday we just had practice, and we had a big talk about having intensity and if we came to play no one could beat us. In my mind, I believe the same thing because our team is loaded at every position and all we needed to do is come together as a team."

"Right now, its 5:00 a.m., and I just woke up at 4:00 a.m. because we have to get on the bus and go to the NAU tournament. We drove 3-1/2 hours, and when we got there, it was the windiest day I have ever encountered. It was so hard a crow tried to fly through it and fell down like a helicopter because the gust was to strong."

"The first four games were easy, and it gained us the number one seed, and even though we were the number one seed, we still ended up doing horrible. I had at least seven dropped balls. I do not know what was up but everyone was dropping balls. We ended up losing the second game of the actual tournament...I was so mad because I hate to lose, not to brag, but our team is too good to lose. Nevertheless, they came to play and we did not. On the way back I decided I was not going to drop any more balls and we were going to go undefeated for the next few weeks."

"I was sore from Wednesday because it was so cold in Flagstaff that I could not get my legs warm all day. I was glad that I had an appointment set up with my massage doctor. While he was massaging me he said "have you picked a school yet?" and I replied by saying no, and he said no matter where you go, go get your degree, because that is worth more than football. In my mind, he was right, but I was also thinking football is the reason that I'm going to be able to get my degree."

"Friday and Saturday were going to be busy days for me because I had back-to-back seven-on-seven tournaments - one at Arizona State on Friday and one at Arizona on Saturday. However, Friday was faster than Arizona. We ended up playing six teams in which four were some good competition - Brophy, Basha, Rancho Verde from California and Red Mountain. We ended up going undefeated, and I think I had the most touchdowns, with maybe two drops the whole night. Big props to our team because we played with so much passion and intensity that Jason and the Argonauts could not beat us. I also talked to coach Dennis Erickson and he asked if they were still on my mind, and I told them yes because everyone is still on my mind. He told me that I would be the local star, and that everyone would come to the games to see me, and that he wanted me to meet the dean of the school, so I could get a better understanding of Arizona State."

"That night, I drove back to Tucson with my dad and on the way we talked about my brother and what if we did not go to the same school and my brother replied with "Then, I would go to his rival school so I could beat him every year!" In my mind, I was thinking I have to get my brother a scholarship, because if he does not get to be a featured receiver then its going to be hard just like it was for me but look how I turned out! That night I did not go to bed until 1:00 a.m. because I was watching the northern California track meet (Javhid Best ran a 10.31)."

"Saturday was a big day for the whole team because we have a reputation at the University of Arizona tournament. We had to win because we were the four-year champions and this would be our fifth. The first few games were easy, and it seemed as if the day was going to be a breeze. I ended up talking to coach Mike Stoops and he said the same as coach Erickson since Arizona was also a school I was looking into. However, I know they just got their running back commit from Las Vegas. After the talk it was time to start the actual tournament and we ended up playing three of the same teams (Westwood, CDO, and Buena). As we blew through those games it lead us to the championship game against Mountain Ridge. This game reminded me of the state championship game my first year, but that year they had coach Steve Belles (Hamilton's new head coach). The game went easily, but they started to come back at the half until we stopped them twice and scored two extra times, so they were not going to be able to come back. After we won, I had a nice talk to coach Stoops and he told me I could catch the ball really well, and their offense uses the running back in a lot of their passing routes. Even though what he said was flattering, I was still thinking about how they already had a commit and they were still trying to recruit!"

"On the way home I thought about the week that was about to come for me because as far as passing league goes this one was the biggest in all of San Diego (and in my mind I thought I'm going to need to rest my hamstrings)!"

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