Bad Trip to San Diego

For the last few weeks, four-star running back Covaughn Deboskie has kept a diary for The Chandler (Ariz.) prospect is the 12th best rated back in the nation and reports on his trip to San Diego.

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"Wow, this is the first week I don't have to practice because we have to go to San Diego for a big passing league tournament. The bad thing was I forgot I was going to run with the offensive linemen at 5:30. The whole day I felt guilty. I promised myself I wasn't going to let it happen again!"

"I also needed a physical. While taking the physical, I was 6-0, 193-pounds. I don't remember my heart rate, but my vision wasn't 20/20, it was 20/40 and I found out I might have astigmatism in my eye. I told the doctor the sun has been hurting my eyes lately, and he requested that I see ophthalmologist."

"I felt sad because I would hate to have to wear glasses or contacts because it's hard for me to put a contact in my eye. Also, he said if my problem continues I would have to wear a darker visor as well as shades during the season. To make things funny and worse he told me 'Eat a lot of carrots!'"

Tuesday- "Not that much happened, other than I ran with the o-linemen at 5:30. The line coach was happy I came, because I try and lead by example. I think of things different then most running backs. Someone had once asked/told me, 'Do you know what Emmitt Smith did once he got the leading rushing record? He bought his whole line Rolexes. Don't you think your boys would want to block for you if you contribute to them?' Ever since then that truly stuck with me. I believe if I prove myself to them by working hard with them, they will love blocking for me. Working with them doesn't just benefit by them wanting to block with me, it also gives me a chance to become a lineman, and I get to learn exactly what they do. I don't just run with them, I also get on the gridiron and practice the steps with them! I believe my o-line are my brothers and they would fight for me no matter what the situation may be."

"Today was an okay day. It was the day before we left for San Diego. I ran with the o-line again at 5:30, and then had weightlifting. As the day went by, I found out some things. That my step dad Bryant Nelson was coming back from Mexico early..... He plays baseball and this year he went to Mexico to go play. When he came that night I was happy to see him, but disappointed that they let him go after he was doing really good. They let him go for a pitcher. Hopefully, he can get signed with the White Sox. That would mean things good for him and for us financially."

"When we got to San Diego, we got our hotel, and my mom reminded me of my grandma's apartment when we were little, from the room style all the way to the smell. I used to wonder why she always would live in different apartments every month. Then I found out she was on the run, from writing bad checks, it earned her five years in prison. After reminiscing, we went to the beach! In which I forgot to bring a sweater because I knew it was going to be cold, and I have thin blood :-D. The beach was a great site, and everyone one told me I was stupid for bringing sand to the beach, in which, they were talking about my mom and my girlfriend. But in my mom is a diamond in a rough; I don't care what they say. This year I didn't even care about looking at girls because this was my third year, and ALL I cared about was winning the championship like we did two years ago. Last year, we lost in the semis."

"Friday was the actual tournament, and we played 3three teams Los Osos, Granite Hills and Fall Brook. We won all three games by 14 points or more. I think that gave us a two seed. After the seedings, I went to the beach again and this time I did something different. I walked along the beach, but this time something caught my eye - beach houses, and it made me think, people pay more money then my four bedroom, one loft, three bathroom house for one part of a three story house! Then after looking at all the different ones, I made a vow that if I buy my own beach house, I would own the whole thing. Then I told myself I am going to buy a beach house no matter what I do in life. Later that day, I tried some soul food restaurant, and it was horrible. I had ribs, greens, chittlin's, and potato salad. I love soul food, but that was the worse soul restaurant I ever ate at. I would have rather had McDonalds. But that night i went to bed early again, the beach made me tired, from all that thinking."

Saturday- "It was the actual tournament. At first, we were doing good. Winning every game led us to the championship against the also undefeated Oceanside. I guess we didn't come to play because they were playing back-to-back games, while we had a bye. We could have easily won that game, but they stopped us twice, and we couldn't stop them from scoring so they earned their championship title. It didn't matter how well I did because we lost. I had a couple dropped passes and one of those in the redzone. This time I didn't cry because they earned it, even though I was mad for losing, I figured out we still hadn't accomplished what we came out to do, which was win the tournament and become more of a team."

"Since we didn't win the tournament, we didn't become more of a team. So that was another thing that was put on my check list, becoming a team because teams win championships not individuals."

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