Sutton Names Five

Chaz Sutton is a defensive end prospect from Savannah (Ga.) Jenkins High School. Sutton had great things to say about the University of Florida and co-defensive coordinator/defensive line coach Greg Mattison.

Chaz Sutton is extremely quick coming off the edge and does a tremendous job of putting pressure on the quarterback. He also has the ability to bull rush offensive linemen with an incredible amount of strength and leverage. Sutton, who is 6-4, 240-pounds, ended his junior season with over 80 tackles and six sacks.

"I am more athletic than most defensive ends," Sutton said. "I can speed rush players and get to the quarterback and I can also bull rush offensive linemen. I am a speed demon when it comes to getting in the backfield."

It has been a very difficult process for Sutton, but he has trimmed his list to five lucky teams.

"The recruiting process has been going great," he said. "I have 13 offers, but finally narrowed it down to five schools that I am interested in - Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Rutgers, West Virginia, and Florida."

Sutton had a chance to check out South Carolina and Florida and plans to visit Virginia Tech at the end of July.

"I did not get a chance to see everything in Columbia as far as the campus goes but I did see a good bit of the football facilities, stadium and locker room," Sutton said. "They are getting ready to build a bunch of new stuff. My coach and I were planning to go back next week but it looks like everyone will be on vacation so I am not sure when we might try and reschedule."

Sutton thoroughly enjoyed both of his visits to Gainesville.

"I went to Florida in February for a junior day and I loved it," he said. "I went back June 10-13 and worked out for Coach Mattison, and he is a heak of a person just by working with him and letting him coach me for half a week. The way he treats his players and how he is going to use me was great to experience. Coach Mattison is going to use me as a weak side defensive end, a player that can get off the ball very fast and rush the quarterback and cause havoc in the backfield."

It is very important for position coaches and players to establish a great relationship and from the sounds of it coach Mattison is well on his way in doing so with Chaz Sutton.

"The first time that I met Coach Mattison, I had a great first impression of him," Sutton said. "We talked a lot during the time when I did not have an offer and I was somewhat down. One of my teammates had an offer [running back Franklin Green], and I was wondering when Chaz Sutton was going to get an offer. The staff had watched my film and everything and saw what I can do as a player but they needed to see what I could do as a pass rusher. I had a chance to talk with coach Urban Meyer for a little while. He was asking me how it was going with my dad and recruiting. I started telling him about my dad back at home in Savannah and how we have a great relationship and coach Meyer said no I mean your other dad coach Mattison. In the end, we both had a real good laugh about that."

One of the reasons I believe Meyer is having such great success in recruiting is because he is honest with recruits and their parents. It is no secret that the staff is 100 percent committed to establishing a family environment at Florida. Sutton walked away with the same impression.

"Florida is pushing that they are one big family and real close and very good friends and they are all together," Sutton said. "I spoke with Derrick Harvey, the Pouncey Twins, Bo Williams and Chris Rainey. It was somewhat amazing because just by being around them and looking at them you can see the expression on their faces that they made the right decision to come to Florida. The whole school is top notch. I mean when they say they are number one, they are number one in everything."

While the notion of players being a package deal rarely if ever comes true, Sutton and Green have had discussions about attending the same school.

"Franklin and I do talk about attending the same school a little bit but mainly all of Savannah is talking about it," he said. "Wherever we go people tell us you both should go to Florida together. It would be a real big article in the newspaper and on the TV stations about two top players in the city going to the number one school in the nation."

Like so many young men wanting to enjoy the full extent of the recruiting process, Sutton was ready to take his announcement all the way to national signing day but things have changed.

"I think I might get it out of the way so I can concentrate on my senior season," he said. "I know that I want to make it to the other schools that I have not been to before I announce. If I do not get to them over the summer I will have to make an official visit to them once the season starts then I will make my choice."

Mattison explained to Sutton some things he needed to work on to become a better player at the next level.

"Things that I am focusing on are footwork and technique," he said. "Coming out of junior high school no one could block me; I was getting five sacks a game. When I got to high school I was playing all sorts of different positions wherever the staff thought that I could make an impact whether it was at tight end or running back or wherever they needed me the most."

Florida has one verbal commitment from defensive end Earl Okine and another one possibly coming from defensive end Keith Wells over the next couple of weeks. That leaves room for one more maybe two depending on what happens at other positions. A defensive end class of Earl Okine, Keith Wells, and two of Quinton Coples, William Green and Chaz Sutton would be stellar.

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