VETTEL: Ranking the Sports Months

Yesterday, I railed about how bad a sports month July is and promised to rank the months from 12-to-1. We welcome your input as different people view sports months in different ways.

VETTEL: I hate July

#12 July ----- In addition to the problems mentioned yesterday, the real sports just aren't very important yet. NASCAR (drive fast, bear right) is still to far from the cut down for the "chase" and Major League Baseball still has more than two months to go when the month ends.

#11 August ----- Granted it's not much better than July, but at least NFL and college football teams are practicing and getting geared up for the season. Even NFL exhibition games are an improvement over the dreck July serves up. And we do get some Hall of Fame inductions.

#10 May ----- You would have to absolutely love the Indianapolis 500 to give this month a higher rating. The best thing about May is that baseball season kicks in on the major league level while it's a crucial month for a number of college sports teams. If you want to rank it below August I won't argue with you.

#9 June ----- My birthday gives June a nudge as far as I'm concerned but its real advantage comes from the end of the NBA playoffs and subsequent draft plus the College World Series.

#8 September ----- It's the start of college football season as well as the NFL. September brings us the finals of the US Open Tennis Championship and the stretch run of the baseball pennant races. If we could guarantee good races down the stretch it might get a higher spot.

#7 April ----- Actually April isn't great, but you get one of the greatest events of the year, The Final Four. You also get the start of the baseball season and the NFL Draft. And of course, The Masters.

#6 November ----- The battle for spots in the SEC Title game as well as teams positioning themselves for the BCS Title Game. Both college and pro basketball seasons get underway as well.

#5 December ----- Lots of college basketball, NFL teams fighting for post-season opportunities and the SEC Football Championship game. Add to that a slew of Bowl games, a lot of NBA and NHL action and hopefully the Gator Volleyball Team in the Final Four.

#4 February ----- The biggest single event in the world is the Super Bowl and for this ranking I'm assuming it's in February forever. Speed weeks in Daytona, great college basketball conference battles and spring training.

#3 January ----- The BCS Title game and a bunch of other Bowl games make the first third of this month unbelievable. The rest of the month is dominated by the NFL playoffs.

#2 March ----- March madness starts with conference basketball tournaments and makes just about every day of this month interesting. NBA and NHL teams have playoffs on their minds and Gainesville welcomes its own big time event, the NHRA Gatornationals.

#1 October ----- All of the most important sports (to me) have something important going on this month. October brings us the baseball post-season culminating in the World Series as well as the Florida/Georgia game in Jacksonville. As if that's not enough, midnight madness ushers in another basketball season. NFL teams try to get off to good starts, while they break camp in the NBA and NHL.

Yes, there's a little college football and basketball bias to my rankings, but what did you expect? Was I way off as far as you are concerned? If so, let me hear about it.

VETTEL: I hate July

What's your favorite month?

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