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Covaughn Deboskie is one of the No. 14-rated running back in the nation. Deboskie, from Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton has been gracious enough to provide an inside look at recruiting and his life outside of the football field.

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Monday - "So today is Monday, and I'm just getting back from the San Diego trip. Our coach told us that we got the week off due to a lot of training, and we have another tournament on Friday and Saturday. So, that day I went to IKEI Performance where I normally train, and I found out some good news. He told me that I was going to be a cover story on the news! That information made me so excited because this was exactly the first time ever I was getting a cover story done on me. That information made me work extra harder. that night when I got back home, I talked to my friend Kurt Mangum about his experience at Cal. he told me that he balled out and hopefully that he got an offer because they said they wanted to see him pads. I was happy with him because he has come along way since last year. His true position is linebacker but he played d-end due to too many lbs and coaches said he wasn't fast enough. But he is the hardest hitter I have gone up against! He'll put snot in your nose. But I was actually happy for him, because that would great for him to have his first offer. Also, I always thought about going to the same college as Kurt."

Tuesday - "Was an excellent day because it was the day before the actual cover story and I felt I accomplished a lot. My grandmother (my grandmother is living at our house due to cancer, and a colostomy in her stomach) was telling me how when I first came out my mom, he could just feel greatness in her arms. She also told me, she always wanted someone in her family to go to a big time college such as Stanford, Harvard, and Yale. She had heard of these schools back in the day when Bill Cosby used to preach how more black individuals need to get better educations at these schools. My grandmother then proceeded to tell me that no matter what she was going to try and live long enough for me to graduate college in which she would be 85 when I graduate. That promise meant so much to me because it made me feel that I another reason to succeed now, my sick grandmother is counting on me, as well as the rest of my family. Out of my whole family I would be the first person that will graduate from college (unless my older brother beats me to it)!"

Wednesday - "This was the big day for me, because I had a lot on my schedule. I had the cover story at 2:30, and I had a photo shoot at 7 for a teen magazine. the cover story was to be held at IKEI Performance, and he was going to show my work ethic and also, what my family has went through because we have came along way to get what we have now, and I am almost happy with my life, but I truly wont be happy until I have that piece of paper on my wall that says business degree from.....but the big question is what school is going to be? Every one reading this would choose a certain school, but for me I have about 20 something offers to choose from and that truly puts a big dilemma on my hands. But I can't believe how well the story went. I really liked the questions he asked me because I got to let out the truth about myself. I like any kind of situation where I can tell "my story" like right now in this article. Every week every day, every hour, there is always something going on and most of the time, mine deals with hard work, or football. Football is not my life, but it is what is going to help my life for free. But as learned in my econ class nothing in life is free. There are opportunity cost, and the opportunity cost of me choosing one school is me missing out on 20 something other opportunities. And it's like everyday I'm on the grind to ranked number 1 in the country, but I feel I should get that off my mind, and focus on better things, but it's truly hard for me because I am so competitive. Over the entire interview was great and afterwards I felt good about myself because I got to let my soul bleed? later that night I had to hop in my football uniform once again because the photo shoot I had last time wasn't good enough for the magazine because the photographer had a horrible vision, tonight there was a different photographer and when I got there I saw trampolines and a big mat to fall on. I then realized this was going to be like slam ball the TV series, but taking photos. I thought the photo shoot was going to last maybe 30 minutes but it ended up last 2 half When I was done it looked like the new Eastbay Magazine with Reggie Bush and Mario Williams, because I and Dion Jordan were taking almost the exact same pictures. So it was as if I were the "thrill" and he was the "destroy" as seen in the cover of Eastbay."

"Later that night, I was thinking about my cover story, and it made me that people will see me on TV, I wonder if they'll approach me in the streets? All I know is the days will tell."

Thursday - "Thursday day was supposed to be the day my cover story aired but for some reason right before it was about to come on, a live story came on about a fire. So I missed my whole cover story due to a I had to wait later that night at 10pm! So while waiting I went to the game store to look at some used games. It was for Nintendo DS, because I love to play adventure role games. I like those types of games because you can level up your player as well as change their attributes, and I always wondered what if you could do that with humans. I would definitely change my would make myself faster, but who wouldn't. Speed is a necessity for almost every running back and I thank god with what he has given me, but at times I feel that I could be faster. So as 10 approached I was feeling kind of scared that it wasn't going to come on and I was going to have to wait until Sunday. But as the reporter had promised it came on at 10. But this time it was the first story instead of the last. All I know is after it was over I got like 5 calls from different people saying they saw me on TV, and they didn't know I worked that hard. I think from that cover story it boosted ikei performance's prestige up."

Friday - "Friday was a crazy day, because it was the day that I had my last tournament, and I was finally done with football for a month! So around 11, I went to the sporting good store to look at some new cleats, they were actually soccer cleats but they looked like football cleats. On e-bay, I saw them for $89.99 but at the sporting good place, they said $49.99, I could not pass on that deal, but I come to find out that it was a mistake, but since it had $49.99, they were going to let me have it for that price. I thought God was on my side, right then but I was wrong. Later that day for some odd reason the tournament was like an hour away and it was hosted by my coach! It could have easily been at our school, but he chose to make it far. To make things worse, he gave me the wrong directions, so I was late to our game. When I arrived I noticed that all of our players weren't there, and I was going to have to play defense. I ended up playing middle linebacker and we mainly played man cover 2. I felt good wearing my new cleats until the 3rd play and I had to spot up with deer valleys best receiver and when he made a cut I broke off of it with him and my left foot hit his leg and I fell on my ankle. It stung so bad but I tried to walk it off, and it only hurt when I walked flat footed. It didn't hurt when I ran on my toes. But overall our team did good with out our whole defense; it was good enough to earn us the number 1 seed. That night I iced my ankle and elevated before I went to sleep hoping it would be ok in the morning."

Saturday - "When Saturday approached I woke up to my ankle feeling worse than Thursday, and all I could think about was I hope I can play today. But I tried my hardest to walk around the room, and make it feel better. I took some ibuprofen and laid down. Later that day I found out my step dad was leaving, and he was going to try out for the Mets. It made me happy because this situation could help him and us financially but I believe if he believes in him self he will make it. He ended up letting me borrowing his ankle braces for my ankle, all I know is that they fit like a sock, and they are tight on your ankle (some kind of creation from Japan). But later that day, while I was at the tournament I found out we had to wait 2 extra hours, because we had a bye game. So I had to stand in 114 degree weather. I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible, because Arizona heat is devastating, and if you're not hydrated you're done."

"The teams we were playing were pretty much teams we already played in previous tournaments. We murdered every game until we got to the team we lost to at the flagstaff tournament. In my mind it was redemption time, and we didn't have all of our players and my ankle was sore! That just made me think I got to play harder. All I know is 20 minutes in the game we were up by 3 touchdowns. I knew we had that game won, and the game that was about to come up was the main event, the big enchilada, the rivalry! We ended up playing chandler in the championship game, but I already knew the game was going to be heated because we have a lot of hostilities between the two teams, due to they haven't beat us in 8 years. We ended up canceling the game early because things got to hot, and I feel that was a good idea because I defiantly didn't want anyone getting hurt. Overall I felt we did good, even though we didn't have all of our players, but I also wondered why we did so good without our players. I felt happy that I was finally done with tournaments, and now I could focus on lifting, and getting better for my final high school season. It was like yesterday I was Sal Pointe in Tucson, playing freshman football. That season I had 27 touchdowns and I don't know how many yards. I can remember almost every major event in my high school career. I have come a long way, and I feel I still have more to prove. Hopefully, my final year debut will prove to everyone that I am the best running back to come out of my school since Terrell Suggs."

Monday - "It was a so so day, I knew it was the last day of arms for me, so I knocked that out at ikei performance early. But later that day I got a call from Matt Kemp, who plays for the dodgers (had a pre-existing relationship don't worry), and he asked me if my mom, brother, and I wanted to come and watch him play. I hadn't seen Matt since he went to winter play in Dominican Republic and I missed being around him, because he is young and goofy, like my brother and I. I told him yea, and little did he know that this was going to be the first major league baseball game I ever went to. I felt happy that, I killing two birds with one stone but I was worried about it being hot at the baseball game."

Tuesday - "Today was a big day for me, but a big dilemma hit my head. My mom called the b2g camp guy to see if my brother could still go, because I was going to rocky point this weekend. Instead of letting him go, he told me that he was going to let my brother go, but since I wasn't going the spots suddenly filled up. When he told me that, it made me think that hurts my feelings because if he really cared about someone getting better he would have let my brother go. So it was as if I was getting black mailed to go to the b2g camp. He even tried to tell him it was going to help me for college, but when he told me they weren't going in pads, I was a big suspect. Now I had to chose, either go to the b2g camp and my brother gets exposure or don't go my brother and I get to go to rocky point. Thinking about it made me mad, because he could have let my brother go, and by saying that made me feel that is everyone in life like this? Use their knifing power to get what they want? I told myself I went to this camp I wouldn't be able to play with the best of my abilities due to my hamstring and my ankle, so I decided not to go."

"That night, when we went to the baseball game, all I could think about was did I do my brother wrong? I really wanted him to go, but he still has next year, but after talking to a couple of reporters and coaches I found out I shouldn't worry about it, because they just want go get people with big time names, so more people will be attracted to it for years to come. Also, while watching the game, I didn't know baseball games were so boring. But I heard that it is more fun to play then watch. But isn't that theory with every sport? But I was mainly waiting for Matt to go up at bat but since he was just coming from 3-A, I didn't think he was going to be able to play. The game was tied all night and right before we left he went up at bat. He hit the ball and I thought it was going to be a home run, but the out fielder caught it before it hit the wall and it went into extra innings. I don't know who won the game, but it was fun to watch him play, I can't wait until my step dad makes it so I can see him play."

Covaughn Deboskie profile page

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