Brown Talks South Bend and More

The reservations are all set. Jeremy Brown is heading to South Bend (In.) to look at Notre Dame. What you might not know is that one of the top-rated players in the state of Florida is making the same trip.

Jeremy Brown flies to South Bend on July 26 and will stay until July 30. He will meet the coaches and look at the campus. Etienne Sabino will also be in South Bend visiting during the same time. Sabino will fit into the Notre Dame new 3-4 defensive style.

Brown is excited about the idea of meeting and talking with Sabino during their visit.

In the last week, Brown has been in contact with three different members of the Florida coaching staff - Chuck Heater, Charlie Strong and Urban Meyer. He's also been in contact with coaches from Georgia Tech, Georgia, Auburn, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, UCF and Virginia Tech.

Here's what Brown has to say about the schools that could make up his official visit list:

LSU - "Very excited about the opportunity in meeting the coaches, talking with some of the players and visiting the campus. In addition, I will have a chance to see how LSU matches up against the defending National Champs."

Auburn - "Another awesome SEC team. First game of the season! Should be full of excitement being covered by ESPN and their first home game. Coach Terry Price is a great person and has recruited me well."

Georgia - "SEC Powerhouse! I was interested in Georgia from day one. Cannot wait to visit their campus. Georgia versus South Carolina should be an awesome game to attend."

Wisconsin - "The Badgers are solid and should be ranked pretty high early on. Coach Randall McCray is a class act. Talking with Coach McCray has increased my interest in the Badgers. Interesting to see how I will fit in the scheme of things in Wisconsin."

Notre Dame - "I cannot wait! I have planned to take a trip to South Bend at the end of July. Coach Brown has kept in contact with me during this entire process. I cannot say enough about the excitement that he adds to the GAME! It should be crazy during my official visit when Notre Dame plays USC in October."

Florida Gators - "Coach Meyer, Heater and Strong have made it clear about their desire for me to be a Gator and how I'll fit in the scheme of things with Florida's program. Two hours from Orlando, great program and the academics are all in place. I will have the support of my family and friends. Awesome weather year-round!"

My Take: There is no question that Notre Dame is putting together one terrific recruiting class this season. I said it last week and I will say it again; Coach Corwin Brown has done one amazing job recruiting both Jeremy and father Terrell Brown. The Brown's and Blanton's have stayed in touch and I think that the longer this goes the worse it looks for Florida. At one time, I was getting the impression that Jeremy was a slam-dunk to Florida but as many of you know there is no such thing as a slam-dunk in recruiting. Jeremy and Terrell moved the Notre Dame visit up to get it out of the way. They are trying to find out everything they need to know about Florida and Notre Dame to expedite the recruiting process and end the speculation once and for all.

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