Two Squares to Dance

Covaughn Deboskie is widely regarded as one of the top running backs in the country. While most of his time has been spent on the camp circuit, he finally was able to take in some much needed rest and relaxation. Jellyfish, crabs, dancing, police and near death experiences - what I wouldn't give to go back to high school.

Thursday - "Thursday was the day I had to go to Ikei's for weight lifting. We had torso, so it wasn't any big deal. But later that day, my brother had baseball practice, and it was very exciting. These kids came up to me and said 'weren't you the person on TV?' I replied by saying yes. They were like you're the best football player ever! They also asked me, 'What school are you going to?' I think said, 'I don't know, what school should I go to?' Then they started going crazy. I heard like two UCLA'S, one Arizona State and one Cal. It was a great feeling to have little kids look up to you. It makes you feel warm inside knowing, and kids actually represent me as a somebody, a role model. People were right; the recruiting process is the best time of your life! Later that night I had to pack because I was going to Rocky Point for the weekend."

Friday – "After driving four hours, we finally got to Rocky Point and I have to say it is beautiful. The water was actually WARM and clear. I could actually see my feet, so that made me more comfortable because I am scared of things that can actually harm you. Even though it was hot and humid, I enjoyed myself because I was not worrying about football for four days. After trying to eat everything in sight, I tried to run in the sand, but it was like I was sinking in the ground. This made me think every time I run on grass I am putting this much pressure into the ground! I realized this because my girlfriend almost beat me in a race (I gave her a head start though)."

"When we went back into town, 'supposedly' we were on the wrong side of the road, and the Hispanic police pulled us over. They said they were going to have to take us to the police station, which was their way of saying they want to get bribed. My girlfriend's dad replied by saying, 'can't I just pay you here? And the police went back talked to his friend and said $20, realizing that they just wanted to split the money 50/50. When we got into town, it was sad and depressing because I met a little girl that said she had been working since she was five and she is now 11. That incident made me appreciate what little I have in this world, because they have nothing to their name, but the items they are selling. It was like this every where! Finally, after that terrible incident, we went out to a little club called Manny's. It was kind of hard for me to get in, because I didn't have my ID and the guy was right when he thought I wasn't 18. But I wasn't there to drink. I was there to dance and watch crazy people. While I was there, a guy came up to me and said, 'Aren't you Covaughn DeBoskie,' I replied by saying yes, and he introduced himsel. He asked me if I've chosen a school yet. After giving him my repetitive answer, he told me that I should go to Cal, because I couldn't lose. He even told me there were just as many opportunities there as Stanford. After the conversation, I felt like dancing, because one of the songs just hit me, but I realized my girlfriend would get mad, so I stuck to this rule: I had to stand in two squares to dance and if I got out those two squares, I might as well start dancing crazy, because I was going to get shot (her aunt was watching me)."

Saturday - "It was the first full day there. I woke up at 6 a.m., to go catch crab. I felt like a zombie, and it was like we were walking so far that I felt like just falling in the sand and going to sleep. But after finally getting to where the crabs were, I was excited because it was fun catching those fast critters! The crabs reminded me of myself, but I never get caught, just kidding. But soon as we got back, I went STRAIGHT to sleep. Waking up around 1 p.m., we went back into town to see about the sunset cruise. But we decided we weren't going to do it, due to expenses, and not wanting to actually go because it truly looked boring. Later, that day I walked the beach because the low tides had hit. It was fun watching the sunset, I was actually relaxing for the first time since December. Man, it has been a crazy six months with all the combines and hard work. I finally can sleep better at night knowing I am going to college for free."

"We went out again, but my girl came this time, and on the way back, her aunt got pulled over, but this time for running a stop sign. Their incident was more drastic then ours because they made them get out the car, and they all got searched. They searched every inch of the car, manhandled the only guy and requested $30 for the three policemen. All they had was $25, so they gave them that, and when they came home, I couldn't stop laughing."

Sunday - "This was the final full day in Rocky Point. I had told them not to wake me up in the morning. I only said that because I actually wanted some sleep. But waking up around 8 a.m., it was time to eat. Then we rode on these things called banana boats. Man, it was so fun. I wanted to get flipped but two moms didn't, but all the guys and my girlfriend did. The two moms should have gone with the little kids that had gone before us. But overall it was fun even though I was in the back. I should have gone to the front where all the fun was at. After the ride, I had gotten close to sea, but I had a near death experience. I was lying on the ground in the shallow end, and I was moving around my hand, and I felt something hard. I tried to grab it, and a crab pinched my finger. It hurt so bad, my finger started bleeding, and I was now scared because I thought a shark or some carnivore that is attracted to blood would come. Overall, after dodging jelly fish and wanting to kill all crabs known to man, I had a great trip. But later that night topped the icing on the cake. I decided I was going to do the old put the tissue paper in the nose, but to make things better I put lotion in the kids hands, and to make things worse, I video taped my evil wrath. I got three kids total, but the funniest was this little boy, who wouldn't wake up! He was slapping himself with lotion, and one time we thought he woke up, but he jerked up and said 'night' like a dead zombie. It was so funny, because then I kept attacking him, until he finally woke up and accidentally stuck me in the eye with his lotion hands. Right there I knew I was done, so I tried to go to sleep. That night I was constantly waking up in the night to make sure no one was trying to play a trick on me, and who ever was going to try, I was going to give a right hook. That is what I get for playing jokes because I didn't get to sleep."

"I had fun in Rocky Point, and I can't wait to go back."

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