Dubious Achievements: Part Four

We have already examined a dozen of what I consider to be the most dubious standards set in Gator history. These are the records I believe Florida most wants to see last the test of time and then some.

Again, I want to be sure everyone understands the purpose of this series is to both educate the newer members of Gator Nation and remind the long timers just how far the Gators have come.

Now we are at the final eight records for our final two installments of this series. This is the worst of the worst, the bottom one percent of the bottom one percent of Gator performances if you will.

#8, Five Starting Quarterbacks, Football 1979 ----- I had to get the 1979 football team in here and there was much to choose from. In fact there was so much that it warrants an entry in both this segment and the next one. Think about Gator teams that have used two starting quarterbacks, or even three. Well that confusion pales in comparison to the '79 team which had five different starts over the course of eleven games. It started with Tim Groves and John Brantley who both were injured. Then you move on to Tyrone Young (Mr. over throw) and Johnell Brown (Mr. under throw). All that led to might mite, Larry Ochab who ended up giving the Gators at least a passable offense down the stretch. The '79 Gators suffered with the ever changing QB situation and managed to score 14 or more points just twice all year.

#7, 12 straight SEC losses, Basketball '90 ----- One year, make that five months with Don DeVoe was enough to set the Gator Basketball program back about three years. Florida split its first four SEC games before first Livingston Chatman and then Dwayne Schintzius left the squad. From that point forward it appeared the Gators might go the rest of the without another win. However after a dozen losses, Florida had the most shocking victory in school history. The Gators beat Shaquille O'Neal, Stanley Roberts, Chris Jackson, Lyle Mouton, Vernell Singleton and the LSU Tigers. It was one of those nights that reminded me that you should never bet on or against a Dale Brown coached basketball team.

#6, 649 career rushing yards, Herschel Walker 1980-82 ----- Thank goodness the USFL enticed Walker to leave Georgia after just three seasons. The greatest college football player I ever saw was completely unstoppable on three consecutive trips to the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. Walker has three of the top nine rushing performances against UF, and added eight touchdowns for good measure.

#5, 524 rushing yards, Nebraska 1996 ----- We listed the 62 points scored in this game earlier in this season, but to me this number is even more remarkable. There is rarely enough time in a football game to rush for these many yards, certainly not against one of the top teams in the nation. Tommy Frazier (199) and Lawrence Phillips (165) ran over, around and through the Gators in one of the most impressive displays ever seen. There's no question the better team won this one.

So we are down to the four most dubious records in the Florida Gator records books. The last four are marks I am certain will last forever.

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