Deboskie Names Six

Times have truly been hectic for the nation's No. 14 rated running back. As the recruiting process has calmed down, Covaughn Deboskie has narrowed it down to six lucky schools. To learn whom the lucky six are check out this weeks in depth recruiting diary.

Covaughn Deboskie, at 6-0, 192-pounds from Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton has plenty to prove. Deboskie has writen offers from Georgia Tech, Florida, California, UCLA, Stanford, Mississippi State, Navy, Arizona State, Arizona, Illinois and Nebraska. He also has verbal offers from Clemson, Michigan, Oregon, Oregon State, Colorado State, Texas Christian and Washington State. It has been a very tiring process for Deboskie but he has managed to name his top six. They are California, Stanford, Florida, Clemson, Alabama and Arizona State.

Monday -
"Today was the last day we were in Rocky Point (Mexico), and I was super tired because I stayed up the night before. I loved this trip, because even though I went through some fun - heart breaking and crooked situations - I still managed to have a great time. I think on a scale from 1-10 I would give this trip a 9.1, due to never being there before, and doing things I had never done before (that just tells you I do not have many vacations). However, while I was coming back, I started to gain service again with my cell phone, and I wound up with 24 different text messages. Three of them were from Jason Higdon. I had forgotten to tell the coaches where I was. Some of the questions I got were, hey are you there, what's up and are you still alive? I felt sorry, and I texted each coach, but it was hard to text the same thing all over again, so I just copy and pasted. Then I sent it to everyone. Thank you Treo 700s. While coming home I found my little brother had a baseball game."

"That night I went to his baseball game, and when I got there it was already the third inning, and they were killing the team like 13-1, that made me happy because I found out they walked my brother three times. And when he walks bases, he usually steals all the way home. I think my little brother Kaelin is leading his team in stolen bases. I hope he stays in baseball because that can get him millions of dollars just to steal bases, but he is also great at basketball, and especially football. I can't wait until he gets to college; he is going to be an all-American in all three sports. You people reading think I am good at running back. Look my brother up on You-Tube. Type in Kaelin Deboskie and you'll see for yourself, and he's only 11."

Tuesday -
"I made sure I went to Ikei's because I had missed about three days worth of workouts, and in my mind that meant I was slacking. When I got there I found out Ikei wasn't even there, he was in Hawaii for a football camp that he hosts. After I came home, my mom told me she wanted to lose some body fat, and she wanted me to be her trainer. So I decided I would train her. I was going to make her run and do plyometrics. My girlfriend also wanted to join my little institution, so I decided I am going to put them through hell for the next three weeks."

Wednesday -
"The next morning, I ran my mother and my girlfriend to death, and it was only testing day so I wanted to see how fast they could run a certain distance with a certain amount of rest. Then I went easy on them, for the lunges, crunches and squats. They couldn't say anything, and I made sure to give them a good workout even though my mother doesn't need it. She had me, and even though I don't have any money, the least I can do is do what ever she wants (as long as it is in my budget). Nevertheless, later that day I went to go watch Ratatouille the movie. I thought it was going to be a funny movie, but it turned out to be a funny and good movie. After the movie I wanted to become a chief. A few days later, I came up with a little invention. Read more to see what it is."

"That night, I made them run again and all they had to do was 10 squats, and they were done. After watching the Return of Jafar, I went to sleep."

Thursday -
"I had chest day at Ikei Performance, and after knocking that out, my step dad called me. I got some surprising news. Remember when I said they might do a documentary on my step dad, well the guy talked to him and my stepfather told them they should do one on me also. He told me they were going to call me, so now I found out that they are probably going to do a documentary on me. I was so happy because this reminded me of the year of the bull with then major high school prospect Torean Charles from Florida. That was one of the best documentaries that I have ever seen other than the money roots!"

"If they decide to actually do the documentary on me, I am really going to let my soul out, more than this documentary that I am writing right now!"

Friday -
"Today, I didn't really do anything, but I waited for my little brother's second game. They weren't playing a good team, and when the time came right before his game, we went to this Mongolian grill place where they stir-fry your frozen food and you can put as much as you want. I spent 30 minutes trying to smash as much meat, vegetables and noodles I possibly could, but I soon was too tired to smash any more. The manager told me there were some football players that could stack there bowl about three and a half feet tall. I thought that was unbelievable because mine was barely one foot. After they fried the food, we went to my brother's game. They won like 17-3. My brother had an inside the park home run with errors, but he would have gotten to third base without the error. I know I was amazed. He also got walked twice."

"After his game, I went to Tucson with my dad. We did not get there until 12, and he asked me if I wanted to go play basketball in the morning. I said yes, but I knew I was going to be a zombie just as I was in Rocky Point."

Saturday -
"When my dad woke me up, I didn't want to get up, but once I got into the shower my eyes started burning. But after that, I was fine. When I got to the basketball court, I met a couple people. I met an offensive linemen that went to Florida, his name was George, I forget his last name, but he played in the early-90's. He told me a lot about The Swamp and said I should take my official there because they would treat me right, like a brother. I also met a man that went to Tuskegee who said he was happy that all this has happened for me because he remembered when I was a little scrawny boy with a big head and big feet. But he said he had been reading about me on the internet and said what a fine young man that I have grown to be. Even though, they all asked where I wanted to go, I replied, 'I don't know yet.' However, the basketball games were fun, and I wish I started out playing basketball young because all I am good for now is dunking, and getting rebounds.

"Later that day, I got to meet my grandmother, and she could not stop crying because she was so happy to see me. She asked me if when I get my money am I still going to have a guest house in the back so she can take care of my me? I told her yes because that is what she did for me and my father, so I want to continue one of the only traditions we have in our family. I was happy to be around her because she ALWAYS feeds me no matter what, but this time she made something I never had before. They were called prison tamales, which consisted of cheese Doritos, beef, beef broth, cheese and diced olives. It took about 10 minutes to make, and it TRULY tasted like beef tamales."

"I fell asleep and slept like a baby."

Sunday - "Today was the last day in Tucson, and I had to get something before I left, and that was salalitoes and my Uncle Tyrone's leather cowboy jacket for senior pictures. This jacket meant a lot to me, because police killed my uncle and this item was one of the last things that our family has of him He will stay in my memory for the rest of my life. What made me want this jacket was before I watched the Return of Jafar a few nights ago, I stumbled upon an old video, which consisted of my younger brother's fifth birthday party, and it was at my uncle's house. When I heard his voice I started crying, and I couldn't stop because I haven't heard his voice in over eight years. I wish he was here today to see what I have accomplished because he was a pre-season all-American at defensive end before blowing out his knee by horse playing at practice. After that, his life went down the drain. I promised I would avenge his status and make a name for my family. I wish my uncle was here because he would be proud of reading this letter that I am writing right now, and at times, I feel he is my guardian angel guarding evil people and situations away from my life, and I thank and love him."

"This essay is dedicated to my uncle Tyrone Jeramie Johnson died at age 28. I love you."

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