FNL: Jamie Harper Q&A

Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian Academy's Jamie Harper looked impressive during Florida's Friday Night Lights camp. The 6-0, 205-pound running back showed explosiveness to go along with his size. After the camp, he spoke with FightinGators.com.

Based on what you've heard about Friday Night Lights, was it what you expected?

"To tell you the truth, I didn't know too much about it. I came down here on Tuesday to talk with John Brantley from Trinity Catholic, and he told me it would be a great experience. Coming in to it, I didn't realize it would be this great of a camp. I came in here and learned some new drills and doing a lot of different stuff. At Trinity Christian, we run a wing-T and it's a lot different running style. Coming in here and working out in a national championship more of a pro-style offense, there's nothing like it."

You went up against some of the best competition in the Southeast. Can you just talk about what that was like?

"I didn't know who was going to be here. I had no idea who would turn out. I just knew it was big, but then after seeing some of the linebackers, they had tremendous ability. Like there was one from Pahokee which is more likely a team we'll face in the state championship, getting out there with them was a great experience."

What do you take from the camp?

"The drills that we did as individual running backs were great to take home and get better at and perfect. And catching the ball running some of the routes was another good thing."

You had a chance to get some instant feedback from Coach Stan Drayton. What were some of things you learned from him?

"Besides the growing up part that he stressed on us, it was the football part. He loves football and is a passionate guy, and that just makes things so much easier and so much better to get out there and get after it."

Where do you stand with your recruiting process right now?

"Looking at Florida, the coaching staff and the way they get it on, I've grown to like them too much. Seeing them come of a national championship, they are looking very strong."

Who are some of the other players?

"Definitely Clemson, they are up there high too. I'd then have to go with South Carolina, and I'll probably visit Georgia and Georgia Tech, too. So well see what they are all talking about."

It's been reported that depth chart is a big factor for you. How important it it?

"Depth chart is a factor, but it's not the key factor. Being a competitor, you believe you can go out and compete with the best of the best. The biggest thing, and this is what Florida is showing a lot of, is team chemistry and academics. [Florida] has an 80 percent graduation rate, you can't beat it."

What's your timeline?

"We're going to nail this thing down a little earlier than expected. I was thinking about going through the whole process, but I'm not really sure at this point."

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