Gators Prepare For Kentucky

This weekend, the un-defeated Kentucky Wildcats take on the Florida Gators in the Swamp, in what is now a big SEC Eastern game.

He's got a very, very quick release. He's got a very strong arm. He's a big guy that people can't get to, they do enough things to keep you off balance, you really don't get to him. If you do get to him, he's hard to beat. He's big to bring down.

On Kentucky running back Artose Pinner:

Here's a guy that's leading the Southeastern Conference in rushing and he's an excellent running back. He's got a great burst, he's got strength. They do a lot of things with him to get him the football out in the open. Our defense will have its work cut out for us.

On this week's game with Kentucky:

The exciting thing for our players is they understand we have a long way to go. They understand this football coming in here this weekend is an undefeated football team, coming in here expecting to win. Not thinking they can win, this team expects to win.

Like I told them last night, think how you guys felt last week. No one thought we had a chance. Obvisouly, they're coming in here thinking the same thing. They're goiod enough and our players understand that.

Rex Grossman

On getting knocked around:

"I have taken quite a bit of shots this year but that's what we lift weights for. I feel like I've bounced back. I feel healthy and there is no reason to think anything else will happen."

On Jared Lorenzen:

"He's a good player. He's fun to watch when he's on tv. He makes things happen. He throws the ball hard and they throw the ball a lot so I enjoy watching him play."

Max Starks

On the right side of the line:

"I feel that they are feeling a lot more confident and more comfortable with each other in making calls to each other as opposed to earlier in the season, so I definitely think they are getting better."

Carlos Perez

On making plays in a big game:

"It definitely helps our confidence. We're just taking it a game at a time. We're excited about the last game and now we're just trying to improve for the next game."

On playing an undefeated Kentucky squad:

"We want to come out here and give it our all. You know, the Gators are a good team and we respect every opponent. After every game, the stakes get higher and higher. So we have to come out with intensity and play with heart."

Oh his routes:

"We're running the same routes. We're just more experienced and some of the coverages aren't the same. We're learning from mistakes and from what we didn't do last time to improve and keep getting open."

Arpedge Rolle

On Jared Lorenzen:

"He's a big, good quarterback. I've watched him making plays when he should've been tackled for a loss or sacked. I give him a lot of credit, but his size isn't going to be an issue. Size never plays an issue with me."

On Clint Mitchell:

"He's been a huge factor in helping us stop the run, giving us an extra effort, and making plays like he has been. I hope he continues to do it the rest of the season."

On Artose Pinner

"He's a good back. Like I said, he's been making plays when he should've been down. Most of the teams in the SEC seem like they have good backs. We respect hem and we're going to play them like we're playing any other team." On focusing for a 4-0 Kentucky:

"Whether they're 4-0 or not, Kentucky has always given us a run for our money because we are Florida. People tend to play us hard. Every game we play is a hard game in the SEC. It's not easy, whether they're 4-0, 2-2, 1-3 they want to beat Florida. The people were chanting "Beat Florida" after the game, I mean, that's their focus. We're their first SEC game, and this is were it begins to count."

On Bam Hardmon:

"He has been good for us. He's made a lot of big plays, he's been filling the holes. The fact that we have guys on the team that sacrifice themselves individually for the team, that's a plus for us. There are a lot of individuals, but this is a team effort. We realize we need each other. What ever needs to be done to win, then so be it."

Bam Hardmon:

On Clint Mitchell:

"He's bringing a lot of enthusiasm. He gave 110% on each play and you can't ask for much more. He always plays with hunger, he's a guy that always makes plays. That's why I enjoy playing with him."

On his role and changes on defense:

" I just try to look on the bright side. I've been on this scheme for four years and I been through different changes and I understand there are times you need to do things for the team and I'm a team player."

On Artose Pinner:

"He's a guy that can make some great plays. Every film it seems likes he's breaking tackles. We have to make sure we go out and make tackles and wrap him up as a defense."

On Jared Lorenzen:

"He's a big one, definitely. He has a great arm and great strength. He's able to make the out routes so we have to go out and respect him as a quarterback. I've seen film where there's about three guys on him and he's the last on to go down. The defense goes down before he does."

On the defense:

"We just try to get better each week. It's the thing we strive for, and I feel we've done that. We've gotten better and that's what we're trying to do. I don't feel like I was the answer. We've executed as a defense and we've changed up some things."

Shannon Snell

On Kentucky:

"Looking at film, this is probably their best team in the last couple years. Right now I don't think they have anything to lose, being on probation and not being able to go to Atlanta, I think they want to knock some teams off the ladder and show that they have a really good program and that they should be contenders."

On potential

"We just showed a little bit of what we're capable of. We still can go out there and put on a good show but we still haven't done it to the best of our abilities."

On Max Starks:

"He had a great game…Playing next to him this year has been great. I told everybody that Max is probably going to be one of the best left tackles ever to play here."

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