SEC Media Days: Memorable Quotes Day One

HOOVER, Ala. -- A day filled with nothing but quotes. For the most part, the four coaches who spoke at today's SEC Media Days stayed the course with their rhetoric. But occasionally, they strayed with some good one-liners. Here's the best from Day One.

Most Predictable Quote

It's hard to imagine what Houston Nutt must of gone through during the offseason, but still it was easy to predict what he would say when asked how it would affect the Razorbacks this fall.

"It's made us get a lot closer. Our team has grown together. Our coaching staff is much, much closer. The immediate family and the Razorbacks family are much closer. That's what it's all about."

Most Surprising Quote

We all know that South Carolina has a chance to be better in the SEC this season compared to past seasons, but play for a conference championship may still be a bit in the future. Still, the Ol' Ball Coach is looking to do just that.

"We've raised our goals this year. We're going to try and win the conference."

You Asked for It

The issue of text messaging came up a few times throughout the day. When Steve Spurrier was asked how he would handle the ban that is set to begin on August 1, he gave a simple answer.

"I guess we'll quit text messaging on August 1."

Biggest Prediction

Houston Nutt is looking for big things from his starting running back, but he's also looking for big things from his big wide receiver Marcus Monk who needs eight touchdown catches to surpass Chris Doering's career mark of 31 catches.

"I just feel like in my heart with 12 games, he's going to get that record."

Cheap Shot of the Day

No surprise that Steve Spurrier had the one dig at another team in the conference. In referring to the way the Gamecocks played at the end of last season, Spurrier had this to say…

"We thought we did something big beating Clemson, but then Kentucky beat them also."

Best Line of the Day

Rich Brooks' name always comes up on the list of SEC coaches on the hot seat. The Wildcats head coach has come to terms with it. After he left the podium, he had this to say…

"Thanks guys! Hope to see you next year!"

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