Jones Reflects on FNL

Byran Jones is one of the top offensive line prospects in the North Florida area. Jones was the offensive line MVP of the combine in Jacksonville (Fla.). He turned in another strong performance at Friday Night Lights and took time to talk about it.

Byran Jones is 6-3 and 310-pounds out of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School in Jacksonville (Fla.). I had a chance to watch him in action under the lights in The Swamp. He is a massive looking prospect with great feet and very good quickness. Jones had plenty to say about the camp.

"I loved the camp, I thought it was great," Jones said. "We had great competition all night long. I really enjoyed what the coaching staff was telling me. They were saying they loved the way I came off the ball. They only had a couple of things that I need to work on. Staying low through impact and my leg strength are the things that I will continue to work on heading into my senior season."

"Coach Mattison is recruiting me and is telling me to try and be patient," he added. "Coach told me that I am moving up their board and they like what they see. Coach Mattison has told me they love my athleticism and they want to see how my senior season goes."

Currently, Jones favors Florida, Florida State, Miami, Florida International, Minnesota, Central Florida and South Florida. He has one offer at this time from Florida International. He could receive his second offer today. Jones is taking part in a one-day camp at South Florida.

This was his second trip to Gainesville, the last time the coaches saw him, Jones was in the 330-pound range.

"The coaches were really impressed with the way that I had dropped the weight," Jones said. "I was 330-pounds last time we met but now I am right around 310-pounds. I have done it through diet, exercise and eating right."

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