Schwartz Visits USF

One of the top fullbacks in the country is Jeremiah Schwartz. Schwartz, from Orlando (Fla.) Edgewater High School is a 5-10 and 228-pound wrecking ball of a running back. In this week's Recruiting Diary, Schwartz informs us of his recent trip to Friday Night Lights and a visit to South Florida.

Now that you have had time to sit back and reflect on Friday Night Lights, how do you think it went?

"When I first came in I was worried about my ankle sprain. Once we got out on the field and started doing the drills, it felt good. It was not 100 percent, but I had a good camp and feel that I performed well. I know that I can perform a lot better than what I did but overall with the ankle I felt I did pretty well. The next day Coach Stan Drayton got in touch with me and said that he liked what he saw. Overall it was a great camp and a great experience for me."

What did the coaches tell you before you left Gainesville?

"The staff is talking to me about playing that H-back position. Half H-back and half running back. They want me to go out for some curl routes and go in motion and do some crack back blocking. They want to keep in contact with me and see how things go once my senior season gets started."

Schwartz took a trip to South Florida this past Saturday.

"South Florida is very close to offering me. I really like that school; they play in a big conference and play some big teams. They are one of my top three with Iowa State and Florida in no particular order at this time. The trip went very well. They had a very nice camp, and I liked all the facilities they showed me. I talked to all the coaches and it went very well. We went on a long tour that included Raymond James Stadium and walked all through it, that was very cool. After that we came back and went through one on one drills."

The ankle is just about back to normal.

"I had a great day today at the camp, the ankle felt a lot better and I was able to perform at a high level. The staff said that they need a hard runner like me and they are going to talk to my high school coach, Bill Gerky in the next couple of days. I got the impression that they really want me at South Florida; they told me that I am a great player and I could help them out. We talked about how I fit into their system and some of the things that I can do."

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