FALL CAMP: Edwards is Impressive

When he was being recruited last year, the word was that Orlando Edgewater's Lorenzo Edwards wanted to be a safety. It was hard to picture the 6-2, 220-pounder playing in the back row in college, but every school was willing to give him the chance if that's what it would take to get him on their campus.

Well six months later, and at least 15 pounds later, the only remaining sign of Edwards' safety roots is his uniform number 26.

Edwards was very solid in his first day as a linebacker, picking off two passes in the pass drill and showing himself to be a threat for playing time from day one. I spoke with Edwards coming off the practice field following his first workout as a Gator.

LV: What was it like to get out here, and finally, officially start your college career?

LE: It was great to see all the competition with all my classmates. The number one recruiting class, what can I say? I was looking forward to coming out here and working with them. It was a real privilege being around them.

LV: What impressed you about the guys as a group once you got out there?

LE: Just the way we came together. This is our first time, you know and we clicked like husband and wife. There's a lot of love on the team for each other and so once we got out here it was easy.

LV: The veterans on the team are trying to defend a national championship, but it's all new for you guys. Does that give you a different motivation at this stage?

LE: No, I think it will be the same because we want it as well as much as they do. So I think the transition doesn't matter because they want it again and we want the same thing.

LV: How hard is the transition to linebacker?

LE: It's not a hard transition at all. I'm just using the skills I learned in high school and applying them the best that I can to better myself and to help the team.

LV: You're closer to the action now, do you like that?

LE: Yes sir!

LV: You had a couple of picks out there, what was going on?

LE: Well, there are my safety skills coming in. It was all due to coaching, I was well coached so I was in the right place at the right time.

LV: Is it going to help your transition to linebacker, especially in the passing game because you have the ball skills from playing safety?

LE: Yes it will. Being a safety in high school, plus the great coaching that we have here I should be able to make the transition like that.

LV: The Gators need help right away at linebacker. Do you think you'll be ready to play opening day?

LE: I hope so. I'm going to work hard to get to that point and if so, thank you Lord. If not I'll just keep working.

If he's healthy, he'll be ready.

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