FALL CAMP: First Night Nothing Special

After the freshmen reaffirmed the most confident projections about their physical capabilities, the Florida veterans were far from their best in the Sunday evening session that wrapped up the first day of practices for the Gators.

The passing attack was very sloppy when they went to the pass skel drills, and that was after several dropped passes during one-on-one passing/receiving drills.

On the other side, the Gators looked to be in very good shape physically, so if there was any post-title hangover it has been dealt with. Gator corners Wondy Pierre-Louis and Markihe Anderson were physical and competitive as was safety Dorian Munroe. Tony Joiner was having a good day until he had one of those plays where Percy Harvin can make anyone look silly. All in all not a bad night, but not a particularly good one either. Still, there were some interesting things to observe.

Terron Sanders and Lawrence Marsh ----- Both redshirt freshman defensive tackles looked good physically and seemed to be moving quite well. As far as I'm concerned, they are Florida's two best tackles with Clint McMillan and Brandon Antwine behind them. Antwine looked like he put on some good pounds which might allow him to hold his ground in the trenches.

Percy Harvin ----- I could write about this kid every day because he is one of those incredibly rare athletes that does something that makes you say "wow" every time he steps on the field. The only way he doesn't get open is when someone is holding on for dear life. Harvin had 75 touches from scrimmage last season and gained 855 yards. If he gets ten a game this year he may go for 1,500.

Tim Tebow ----- This kid is too nice for his own good. While running into practice Tebow sees a guy rising up from his wheelchair holding a pen. Tim put on the breaks, but his brand new rubber cleats didn't hold. His wipe-out was at first scary, then amusing as Tebow got up with a big grin and signed the guy's shirt.

Wondy Pierre-Louis ----- I mentioned above that he was competitive, but he was more than that. Wondy appears to have latched on to the fundamentals a little better and battled hard each and every one of his snaps. Right now, he, Joe Haden and Markihe Anderson are capable of being starters.

Brandon Spikes ----- Is the first guy you want coming off the bus on the road. You want the opposing fans to think they all look like him. Spikes is simply a specimen, and I think he'll have a huge season if the tackles can keep blockers off him enough of the time.

Mo Hurt ----- The big offensive lineman looks the best he has since arriving on campus 20 months ago. Hurt should get the first shot at taking the right guard job, and if he does, Florida will have a very physical and feisty offensive line. That should make life pretty easy for Florida's aspiring running backs.

Monday, the Gators have their second day in shorts with the rookies hitting the field at 5:00 a.m. That's right 5:00 a.m.!!! I intend to be there…. But you never know.

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