FALL CAMP: Day Three Challenges

After two days in shorts the Florida Gators have their first serious practice Tuesday evening when the entire roster takes to the field at once. One of the most interesting things about this practice is the transition the freshmen go through.

The 18 newcomers who have not been on the field with the "varsity" are going to get their first experience trying to keep up with guys who were part of winning a national championship.

We'll find out how accurate our initial impressions of the newcomers really were. Will Deonte Thompson look as smooth against more experienced defensive backs? Will Lorenzo Edwards still look like an immediate contributor when he has to try and run with Cornelius Ingram or take on blocks from guys who were starters in Glendale back in January? Will Brandon Hicks, Jerimy Finch and Major Wright step right into the rotation and not miss a beat?

To me, the position to watch as things pick up is defensive end. Four guys will try and get into the mix, and must successfully do so. While every other position could probably survive without any help from freshmen – linebacker being the notable exception – defensive end is the spot where at least two new guys will have to see the field quickly. Ranking those guys will be much easier in the next few days, but watching them compete will be a real highlight.

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