Get Ready for the Heat

Alabama won a fight with the Florida Gators over moving their opening day kickoff and as a result Florida's opener with Western Kentucky will be at 12:30 instead of the planned 6:00 kickoff. ‘Bama, which has kicked off in that time slot four times in the last seven year was adamant about not moving again.

Try as they might, neither the SEC nor Florida could not interest Lincoln Financial in televising the Arkansas/Troy game instead.

It's a terrible situation and one the Gators did their best to avoid, but they must move once a year for the Lincoln Financial package. One thing I'm willing to bet on; if L.F. asks to move the Vandy game they will be told to try something anatomically impossible.

A 12:30 kick on the first of September can be a brutal experience in Gainesville and will force fans to make a number of adjustments; let alone adjusting their travel plans now that the game time has been moved more than five hours. Fans will be advised on all the basics: wear light colored, loose fitting clothing, drink a ton of water, avoid alcohol and apply a quart of sunscreen on every exposed part of your body.

There are some other suggestions I want to offer that won't make the officials list put out by University and health officials.

Don't leave you kids in the car ----- They never remind you about this, but it's more important than ever with a 12:30 kickoff. Pets, too!

Water your Hilltoppers ----- If you think it's going to be hot for Gator fans, pity the poor folks from Bowling Green, Kentucky who will be broiling in the Florida sun. One good thing, their main color is red so the burns and blisters won't stand out right away. Every time one of their fans walks by before the game hit ‘em with a water balloon. It's just good manners.

Wear a leather jacket ----- Hey, who was cooler than The Fonz?

Wear a big floppy hat ----- Wouldn't it be great for the stands at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to look like Churchill Downs on derby day?

Go naked ----- If there's any breeze, every part of your body will appreciate it…. Just don't sit on those aluminum bleachers. Yeow!

Hire a blimp ----- One dirigible flying above The Swamp could create shade for ten of thousands of fans.

More and better ideas for coping with the heat are welcome.

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