One Man's Two-Deep: Offense

After one week of open practices the Florida Gators have gone behind closed doors for the rest of their preparations for the upcoming season. Obviously, there is a great deal that can change the picture we had of this team after the first week, but we won't be first hand observers for those changes and all info we pass along will be second (or third) hand.

That being said, I was asked about my two-deep after that opening week, so here's how I would line them up if it was my decision to make. Today it's the offense, tomorrow defense.

First Team Offense

Tackle, Phil Trautwein and Jason Watkins ----- Florida needed someone to become the fifth starter early in fall drills and Watkins wins the prize. A gifted, mobile athlete, Watkins is a third-year sophomore which is generally the ideal time to step into the lineup. Trautwein is an established starter and a candidate for All-SEC honors.

Guard, Jim Tartt and Carlton Medder ----- Medder, a senior goes from right tackle to left tackle to right guard in less than a year, but he looks pretty comfortable there. Tartt is a feisty, competitive guy who gives the line some personality and attitude.

Center Drew Miller ----- He struggled with his shotgun snaps in week one, but the same was true early in spring drills and is not a concern. He is the lineman Florida most needs to stay healthy.

Tight End Cornelius Ingram ----- The versatile Ingram can be used as a receiver, too, but this is where he is a matchup nightmare. Ingram is one of two Gators most likely to skip his senior season for the NFL. Scouts drool over his athleticism and pass catching ability.

Wide Receiver, Andre Caldwell, Percy Harvin and Jarred Fayson ----- This is a close call for the third starter, and really doesn't make a great deal of difference, but I like Fayson's versatility. Caldwell and Harvin are game changers and the best tandem in the SEC.

Running back Kestahn Moore ----- Moore worked hard over the summer to try and claim the job. Mission accomplished.

Quarterback Tim Tebow ----- You think?

Second Team Offense

Tackle, Carl Johnson and Marcus Gilbert ----- Johnson has been solid while Gilbert makes this unit almost by default. He was very impressive last spring and that's the basis I am using to include him here.

Guard, Maurkice and Michael Pouncey ----- The twins have done a nice job since arriving on campus with Maurkice a bit ahead. They are very far along for true freshmen.

Center Maurice Hurt ----- If Miller were to go down Hurt would likely get the first chance to take the job. He has his weight better under control (wish I could say the same!) and is a strong run blocker.

Tight End Aaron Hernandez ----- He wowed all of us during spring ball and there's no reason to think Connecticut's finest will back off. He has more traditional tight end size and catches everything thrown his way.

Wide Receivers Louis Murphy, Riley Cooper and Deonte Thompson ---- This is a better trip than what many teams have starting and shows the embarrassment of riches the Gators have at this position. Thompson is a natural, Cooper seems to have unique chemistry with Tebow and Murphy just has to be more consistent. None can slack off because David Nelson and Justin Williams are more than capable.

Running Back Chris Rainey ----- Chevon Walker would probably start if Moore went down, but Rainey is a better back up because he gives the dimension of great speed that neither Moore nor Walker have. Rainey can take any play the distance and shows excellent vision in traffic.

Quarterback John Brantley ----- Brian Waggener didn't get much out of last spring and Cameron Newton has missed all of fall to this point. Brantley meanwhile shows superb passing ability, patience in letting things develop downfield and just enough athleticism to make the offense go. There is no question he can run this offense and run it well.

So there's my two deep. Whaddya think? We'll look at the defense tomorrow.

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