Five Studs who Won't win the Heisman

There are a lot of great players in college football and many of them are on top ten lists of Heisman Trophy candidates. With no disrespect meant to any of those players there are five of them who I just don't see having a real shot at it despite their considerable talents. In fact, to a large extent their long shot status is absolutely none of their fault, but it's there.

Colt Brennan ----- His numbers at Hawaii last year (5,549 yards, 58 touchdowns) look like career stats, not single season marks. That's 1,900 and 19 touchdowns more than Danny Wuerffel had when he took the top prize in college football. Brennan's numbers are so off-the-charts most voters (this one included) won't take them seriously. Last year he played against a mediocre at best Alabama team and while he had nice stats (30-44 350 2/1) he put just 17 points on the board. Add in the fact that voters are still embarrassed about giving the award to Andre Ware 18 years ago and Brennan's high octane productivity won't get a sniff.

Steve Slaton ----- Maybe the best player in this group, Slaton is a dynamic runner for a West Virginia team that is fun to watch move the football. His rushing stats are similar to those of Rutgers' powerhouse Ray Rice and he can also make some noise as a receiver. At 5-10, 190 he is a big fragile for a big time runner, but he has another problem in trying to generate buzz for his potential Heisman candidacy.

Pat White ----- The Mountaineers' quarterback will certainly take attention away from Slaton as voters try and figure out which guy deserves most of the credit. It's not insurmountable as we saw with Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush but it's tough to overcome. White is a dual threat guy who is probably more dangerous as a runner than thrower. He had an unreal game against Pittsburgh last year with 220 yards rushing and 202 passing with two touchdowns in each category. He has to avoid a game like he had against East Carolina where he threw three interceptions in an upset loss.

Mike Hart ----- In a crowded running back field Hart will have to post huge numbers early to get attention. Fortunately this Wolverine has the talent to do just that and an offensive line that can help make it happen. The early season schedule (Oregon, Notre Dame, Penn State) offers high profile opportunities to make an impression. However Hart suffers from the same malady that affects another running back candidate.

Chad Henne ----- Just like White and Slaton will offset each other in the voters' minds, Henne is good enough to take attention away from Hart. Henne has been a starter for three years and should be ready to move beyond his solid but unspectacular stats of the past three campaigns. Henne has to do a better job of getting rid of the ball without taking huge losses. He's been sacked 74 times in three years and many of the times he was more at fault than his line. By the time the Michigan/Penn State game is over either Henne or Hart will be on the back burner, possibly both.

So those are the five highest profile guys who I think have the worst chance to make a run at winning the Heisman. In part three of this missive, we'll examine guys who have the talent and circumstances to get into the mix if things play out just right.

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