Five Guys who Might Get in the Heisman Hunt

We've looked at the ten consensus leading candidates for this year's Heisman Trophy, but as we all know there is always a chance someone who isn't talked about at the start of the year ends up being the guy when all is said and done. So let's take a look at five guys who just might be surprise threats to win the top individual award in sports.

The Best QB in the SEC East ----- Can you believe the quarterback talent in this half of the Southeastern Conference? You have to consider Andre Woodson of Kentucky the top guy heading into the season. Woodson had an amazing season last year passing for 3,515 yards with 31 touchdowns and just seven interceptions. More than that, he led Kentucky to eight wins including a Holiday Bowl win over Clemson. But who's to say he'll be the best this year? Eric Ainge (2,989/19/9) has a second season with David Cutcliffe and can certainly get the job done. Matthew Stafford (1,749/7/13) grew up as the year went on, and if he can ditch the interceptions, he could be sensational. South Carolina's Blake Mitchell (1,789/10/6) gets to run the best offense in the world for a quarterback, while Chris Nickson of Vanderbilt (2,085/15/13) gets to throw to the SEC's best receiver, Earl Bennett. And then there's Tim Tebow who, despite having thrown just 33 passes in his career, is viewed as a star. One of the six will be the best, and he'll have a shot, but only one.

Glen Dorsey ----- I was stunned when this stud decided another year in the Bayou was the way to go. He was a certain first round pick and now he might be the best defensive player in the nation. He stuffs the run, rushes the passer like an end and generally causes offensive linemen to head to the infirmary on Mondays… trying to catch something before they have to try and block him.

Ian Johnson ----- Boise State is a feel good story for the past two years and Johnson has gotten some people's attention. If none of the prime runners gets off to a great start, he might be able to generate some support. His numbers were great last year (1,174, 25 TD) and might be better this time around. It's probably Johnson versus Rutgers' Ray Rice for the small school sympathy support.

Colt McCoy ----- The Texas quarterback always has a shot, because his team should be excellent, his skill players are gifted and there is plenty of attention for everything he does. He was very good last year (2,570/29/7) and is in position to get in the mix if John David Booty and Brian Brohm leave the door open.

Percy Harvin ----- No, it's not realistic that the Gator speedster can get that kind of attention as a sophomore, but he's a remarkable talent. The guy touched the ball 75 times last year and averaged more than 11 yards a touch. That's just sick, and came despite being completely healthy just five times. If he can maintain anything close to that average on say 10-12 touches a game, look out!

There could be others that emerge. Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan and Wisconsin runner P.J. Hill are certainly possibilities.

So, let's get started!

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