'09 RB Getting Looks

Their comes a point in everyone's life where we are faced with tough decisions. For 2009 running back prospect James Washington, that decision came this past spring. Coming off his sophomore season, one in which he wasn't getting the kind of playing time that he was looking for, Washington had the opportunity for a new beginning.

James Washington spent the last 12 months dreaming of what it would be like to be a starting tailback. Last Friday night versus Winter Springs (Fla.) High School he got the opportunity he has been waiting on. A transfer from Orlando Edgewater High School, Washington had a choice of where he wanted to play.

"After the spring game, I had a choice to play for Boone High School or Jones High School and it seemed that Boone had the better offensive line," Washington said. "For me it came down to who had the best opportunity to win. I like the offensive style that Boone had and thought this was the best place for me to come and help the team win."

Boone did not get off to the kind of start that they were looking for with a 30-17 loss to Winter Springs, but for Washington, he was glad he had a chance to be a part of the team.

"It felt real good to get out there and play again, I wish it would have gone better but that's how things work out sometimes," he said. "Next week we need to score early and often so we do not put our defense in a hole. We have a good team that should win many games we just need to play as we practice. I have been waiting for this opportunity for as long as I can remember. As soon as the game started, I was ready to go. The weather was bad and things were not going well for our offense. We played as hard as we could but things do not always go the way you plan, we need to correct the mistakes in practice and get ready for our next game."

Washington does a great job of reading his blocks and waiting for the hole to open up. He has the kind of patience as a runner that you would expect a three-year starter to have.

"I never give up on a play even when it might look like the defense has me for a two-yard loss," Washington said. "I can turn what looks like that two-yard loss into an 80-yard touchdown. I have great vision and patience that allows me to do things that other running backs cannot do."

Washington took time to reflect on his 22-carry, 163-yard performance.

"I had a couple of runs that I wish I would of done something a little different, but for the most part, I felt good about the decisions that I was making with the ball in my hands," he said. "In practice, we have built some nice chemistry on the offensive side of the ball. I had two plays where I wish I had put my hand down on the ground that would have helped me keep my balance and I would have got in the end zone instead of down at the two-yard line."

Every year we see teams stating to recruit potential prospects earlier and earlier and this case is no different. Washington has a number of teams on his short list but a couple of teams are keeping up with him as well.

"I like a bunch of teams right now," he said. "I just want to go somewhere that I have a chance to run the ball and show people what I can do from the running back position. The two teams that have contacted me at this point are North Carolina and Virginia Tech. I will get a chance to go and watch both of those teams play. I have heard from the Florida Gators and offensive coordinator Dan Mullen. He was at one of our practices and he was talking to my coach about me. They like the way that I run the ball and told my coach that they will be watching me this year."

At 6-0, 170-pounds, Washington knows that he needs to increase his size to enhance his durability.

"I think, I am right around 170-pounds and would like to end up at or around 190-pounds while maintaining my speed," Washington said.

Recruiting is based on potential and Washington has a ton of it. While he is only 170-pounds, remember that he just started his junior campaign. He is incredibly strong as evident of his 320-pound bench press and over 400-pound squat. He has great vision and balance and does a nice job of finding the running lanes.

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