Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week One

Each week your fearless (and often brainless) writers will team up to offer our rankings of the best college football teams in the land. Our poll is not only NOT scientific; it's not the least bit significant. But it's a point of view closer to home that we hope will be worthwhile.

The No. 13 spot in our survey will have special significance. It will not be for the 13th best team in the nation or anything like that. Instead our "lucky" 13 will be dedicated to a dubious achievement in the week of college football.

With that, here goes with our first poll ---- only weenies vote pre-season!

#1 Southern Cal ----- The nation's consensus top team had no issues whatsoever opening day. "Most complete team in nation" says Jason.

#2 LSU ---------------- The Bayou Bengals were overwhelming in their season opener against Mississippi State. In a quirk of scheduling they will face another team without a quarterback in week two with Virginia Tech coming to Baton Rouge.

#3 Oklahoma -------- Obviously we're not sticklers for rules considering the Sooners are in hot water with the NCAA. Still, they had a field day in their season opener and are favored to win the Big 12. As Blake points out, 79 points is 79 points.

#4 West Virginia ----- There's a wide divergence in our votes as to the Mountaineers. Some thing they can outscore that defense of theirs, but I'm not convinced.

#5 Florida ------------- The Gators were able to get by their season opener, scoring 49 points despite losing more than eight minutes in the fourth quarter. Florida needs its defense to grow up in a hurry.

#6 California ---------- Boy we got excited by their 14-point win over Tennessee didn't we? "The Bears seem to be able to get it done in all three phases of the game" according to Chris. They actually got the nod with a #1 vote by one (drunken?) voter.

#7 Louisville ---------- The Cardinals put 73 on the board in an easy season-opening win. A lot of expected of this team despite going through a coaching change. Obviously Louisville and West Virginia can't stay this high forever.

#8 Texas --------------- They open with a 21-13 over win over Arkansas State? Are you kiddin' me? If that's an accurate reflection of what the Longhorns are all about, don't bet against UCF getting them in their home opener. Chris points out, "at least the Gators put away their doormat".

#9 Wisconsin --------- The fighting cheese heads don't suffer guilt by association after the performance of Big Ten brother Michigan. Blake has them #3 which makes me wonder….

#10 Georgia ---------- The Bulldawgs were supposed to have trouble with Oklahoma State. Apparently nobody told them. Georgia's defensive speed overwhelmed the Cowboys and the offense was very good.

#11 Virginia Tech --- All of America is part of Hokie nation this year as the folks in Blacksburg try to recover from their devastation. But almost all of America has better quarterback play, too.

#12 Rutgers --- They have a "Great offensive line and All-American running back in Ray Rice" according to Jason. The Scarlet Knights seem determined to prove last year was no fluke. And they may have the talent to back it up.

Honorable mention: Ohio State, Georgia Tech

And our dubious achievement award goes to:

#13 Syracuse Uniforms ----- Not only did the Orange look like a bunch of convicts wrestling on the side of the street, they played like it, too. Remember this folks; all orange will never, ever look good. Give it up now!

Dishonorable mention: Parcells' disciples (Al Groh, Charlie Weis lost by a combined 56-6), Michigan's special teams (two blocked FG).

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