Dogs in the Hunt for Brown

Jeremy Brown is one of the top cover corners from the state of Florida. Brown, from Orlando (Fla.) Boone High School is 5-10, 180-pounds and runs in the 4.45 range. He has the kind of frame that would allow him to add 10-15 pounds and still maintain his speed and athletic ability. Brown had named Auburn his leader after a recent visit, but now it looks as if things have changed.

Jeremy Brown made the trip to Athens with father Terrell Brown and 2009 running back prospect and teammate James Washington, Jr. and his father James Washington, Sr. They arrived a little bit late to Athens due to game day traffic.

What was the first thing that you guys did when you left the hotel?

"We did arrive late because of the traffic but we had a chance to rest and get cleaned up a bit before the van picked us up and took us over to the stadium. We got a chance to see the players get off the bus and watch the Dog Walk. As I was walking, a lot of fans were screaming my name and telling me that I need to be a Bulldog and stuff like that. It made me feel comfortable and let me know that the fans keep up with that kind of stuff. After that, we went on the field and that is when I met Coach Johnson and Coach Martinez and then they actually took me in the locker room to meet with Head Coach Mark Richt."

What was the experience like meeting with the head coach before a huge SEC showdown?

"It was a great feeling. Sometimes coaches do not want to do that kind of stuff before a big game like that. When coach took the time to have me come down to meet with him it showed me that he cares about me as a prospect and the University of Georgia wants me. Coaches Johnson and Martinez both embraced me, gave me hugs, and let me know how badly they want me. It was kind of amazing that all three of them were able to spend that much time with me before a big game like that."

What was the atmosphere like inside the stadium?

"I started feeling the electricity before I even went in the stadium. Seeing all the fans outside the stadium tailgating and stuff like that was amazing. The fans set the intensity level at a very high level. Once I got inside I could feel my insides shaking and I actually had goose bumps. It was the first time that I was able to see two SEC teams play each other and it was unbelievable from start to finish. It was incredible with the crowd, atmosphere and electricity all the way around."

Disappointing outcome for Bulldog fans but what was the message that Coach Richt delivered after the game?

"Coach was great after the game. The mood after a tough loss like that is always going to be bad but amazingly enough he was able to be very positive about it. He said we need to learn from our mistakes, it is in the past and we will move on and not dwell on it. That put my visit in perspective for me. When they lost I was expecting the staff and players to be negative and throughout my trip I thought they would be in bad spirits. What caught me off guard was it was the exact opposite. When teams have a win, everything is all good, but to see a team go through adversity and not carry it off the field was a great thing for me to see them. The staff was talking about the little things that they need to do better and play better as a team. They were ready to move on and start to prepare for next week. The coaches' spirits throughout the entire trip were positive."

What did you do after the game?

"After the game we ate dinner with the coaches and watched most of the LSU/Virginia Tech game together. Then I was escorted out with Bryan Evans who I met at my un-official visit and he took us out and showed us a real good time. I was pleased to see that he was not dwelling on the loss either. They played 110 percent and gave it their best. All the fans that we saw out were cool and no one was booing because they lost or nothing like that, it was nice to see they have that kind of fan support."

How did Sunday go?

"Sunday was a great day. As soon as we woke up and got ready, we had a great breakfast and the coaches were their. After that I met with Coach Johnson. Then we went on the academic tour and then took a tour of the campus. The campus was beautiful and that is important to me to think that is a place where I could spend the next four or five years of my life. I mean the campus is amazing and it left an impression on me. The campus was great and the coaches were great. After that I went to the football office and met with Coach Martinez and we sat down and watched film together. He showed me what he likes to do with his corners and told me how he likes them to play. Then I was able to meet with Coach Richt once again. He is a great person. I have nothing but great things to say about him, and he is why Georgia is so high on my list. He is a great coach and great person. Then we went back to the hotel and closed out the night with a great dinner."

You have seen two SEC teams over the last week and when you left Auburn you stated that they had set the bar high and they were your leader. Have things changed with this trip to Athens?

"Auburn did set the bar very high and I went to Georgia to see how things would go. I do not know if I can compare the two, but Georgia made me feel comfortable all the way around from the players down to all of the coaches. Georgia matched Auburn all the way, but it is a very close battle. Georgia has a little bit of an edge over Auburn at this time."

After seeing Auburn and Georgia can you see yourself playing for both the Auburn Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs?

"That is what makes this decision so hard for me right now. They are both great teams and great schools. Both of the schools I feel I fit in the system. By system, I mean with the players and community. They both love their football players and I can definitely see myself playing at both schools. That is something that I want to be a part of. I respect both coaches and I admire both of them and how they handle their programs. The players seem to like the coaches, and I can see myself playing for both Coach Mark Richt and Coach Tommy Tuberville."

Brown makes his official visit to Florida this Saturday.

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