Caldwell out for UT

While many were eager to hear head coach Urban Meyer's comments on the team's performance, no topic drew more attention than injury updates on several of the Gators' key players. Concerns about Andre Caldwell were confirmed when Meyer announced that he would miss this week's game against rival Tennessee.

"He is as invested a player that there is, especially since I have been around," Urban Meyer said. "He took it very hard when the team doctor said that he can't play this week. It is an MCL sprain. I do not know the amount of time but I will just tell you that he can't play this week. I will keep updating you. He heals very fast and is a positive person. But he is our captain and he will be there with us at the hotel. His job is to make sure that the other guys go."

On a positive note, Meyer said that sophomores Brandon James and Jarred Fayson will play, despite suffering injuries. He also said that Percy Harvin is as healthy as he's been this season.


  • Meyer named Kestahn Moore, Caldwell, Cornelius Ingram, Louis Murphy, Fayson and Harvin as champions. Carlton Medder and Jim Tartt were named players of the game.
  • On defense, Wondy Pierre-Louis, Joe Haden, Tony Joiner and Dustin Doe graded out as champions. Brandon Spikes was named played of the game.

    On playing and coaching in rivalry games:

    "Growing up, every Saturday I watched the rivalries," Meyer said. "I was able to coach in the Ohio State/Michigan rivalries and some great ones at Notre Dame. The ones down here are in my opinion greater than those. I was introduced and educated by our team on this one coming up. I just love it. The whole week is different and you can just tell it. The guys like [Derrick] Harvey and [Tony] Joiner have lived it for three years now and it's going to be an exciting week for us."

    On Tennessee:

    "This week we play a young football team that is going to be indoctrinated by a bunch of older players and the coaching staff," Meyer said. "I have great respect for their personnel. They are definitely a top-five personnel group; there is no question. It is going to be two sledgehammers taking a swing at each other on the third Saturday at Florida, which is a good deal."

    On the rotation this week on defense:

    "We'll rotate a lot of guys, some guys are better against the pass, some guys against the run," Meyer said. "Coach Mattison is going to work out that rotation. We'll play a bunch in there, they have to stay fresh so we can be where we need to be."

    "I think this week, we're nowhere near where we need to be against the run. I think against the pass we've got two excellent defensive ends that can come off and get pressure and you can gain guys and get them in there and move them around in there. What concerns us is that they come up with that big offensive line and try and push you around which I think will be the attempt."

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