Fightin' Gators Top 13

There is so much gnashing of teeth about the early polls and such that it is comforting to take part in a poll that is meaningless. No one can accuse us of costing a team a chance at a BCS Bowl. No one can accuse us of trying to target teams for particular bowl match-ups. No, our poll is independent of everything that matters, and for that we are extremely proud.

As a reminder, our No. 13 is a dubious achievement award, not to be considered part of the actual poll for purposes of legal deposition or binding arbitration.

#1 LSU ----- Vettel" "No team in the country has been more impressive."

#2 USC ------ The Trojans might have the best talent in America

#3 Oklahoma --- Sooner trashed Miami in front of a national audience

#4 Florida ----- Chmielenski: "only LSU will stop this offense."

#5 West Virginia ---- Mountaineers struggled with Marshall

#6 Texas ----- Longhorns disposed of potentially troublesome TCU

#7 California ----- Bears survived "let down" game w/Colorado State

#8 Louisville ----- Cline: "Their offense and defense are clearly the most mis-matched pair since Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts."

#9 Penn State ----- They haven't done much, but no one else has either!

#10 Wisconsin ----- Huge difference of opinion on these guys

#11 Georgia Tech ----- Higdon: "Love the defense and the ground game."

#12 Ohio State/UCLA ----- One of them is trying to overcome the performances of its conference brethren, the other is trying to profit from it.

#13 Charlie Weis' Genius ----- 18 months ago many Irish fans were arguing that Weis was destined to be a better collegiate coach than their first choice for the job three years ago, Urban Meyer. Now, Meyer is the hottest coach in America and Weis has guided Notre Dame to four straight blowout losses. Worst of all, Notre Dame has not scored an offensive touchdown in two games this season.

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