Brown Family Makes Decision

Jeremy Brown is one of the top cover corners in the state of Florida. Brown, from Orlando (Fla.) Boone High School is 5-11, 180-pounds and runs in the 4.43 range. Ever since Brown and father Terrell can remember, they have had a plan to get them exactly where they are today, the pinnacle of the college football world.

"Today I committed to Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators," Jeremy Brown said. "Coach Meyer said he is very excited to have me in this class and he can't wait to get me on campus."

It has been a long and hard road for the Brown family over the last four years but now the fruits of their labor are about to pay off. Much has been made over the recent developments of twists and turns of what has been a whirlwind tour of Southeastern Conference schools for Brown and his father.

At first, it looked as if it would be Florida and Notre Dame until the end. Then hometown favorite North Carolina entered the picture and seemed to have a bit of an edge on the rest of the competition but when you looked a little closer at the situation it would come as no surprise to most. Brown has been interested in North Carolina from the beginning of the recruiting process.

He was born at Duke University and has spent a lot of time in the North Carolina area over the years visiting his grandparents (Fayetteville N.C.) and training (Fort Bragg N.C.).

The entire Brown family was thoroughly impressed with North Carolina, even little sister Jasmine could sense the level of excitement in the air but for her big brother it was not meant to be.

Then a trip to Auburn University rolled around. The Brown family's first official visit of the year. The Auburn trip was a fantastic one but it was merely a sign of things to come. They were starting to sense a level of excitement of something great; something they had waited what seemed like a lifetime to be a part of.

When prospects Harry Adams and George Baker pledged their verbal commitments to the Auburn Tigers and head coach Tommy Tuberville, Brown could almost taste the decision he was about to make. Like any father in this situation, Terrell was there every step of the way making sure that no stone was left unturned and every question answered. Brown left Auburn and named them his leader but it was short lived.

Next up was a trip to Sanford Stadium to watch as the Ol' Ball Coach Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks would invade the hedges. Browns first taste of what Southeastern Football was all about, after all this is The University of Georgia and South Carolina on national television and they did not disappoint.

The tailgaters were out in full force and to Brown's surprise, many were yelling his name. What prospect would not be taken back by something like that? As it turned out this was a precursor of things to come with his time spent in Athens as the visit gave the Brown family something to think about.

All the while, Urban Meyer and recruiting coordinator and defensive backs coach Chuck Heater were waiting with open arms to welcome Brown to a place they have known all along he belongs, the Gator Nation. If you are ever fortunate enough to spend 10 minutes with the Brown family you will see right away how important family is to them, it was something they were looking for at the next level and make no mistake about it, they found it.

"The Florida players and coaches are real close," Brown said. "They are one big family and you do not see any separation in the team. Everyone hangs out and interacts together like a team should."

The day had finally arrived, the day that Terrell Brown would accompany his son one-step closer to manhood. The day that the father and son would make the two hour drive to Gainesville to watch as the Florida Gators would play host to the Tennessee Volunteers.

It was ironic for the pair as they would watch Tennessee (the first team to offer) and Florida (the final destination) embark on what has become one of the most anticipated college football games of the year. Today was the day they would decide where he would spend the next four years of his life becoming a man. Today was the day they decided Jeremy Brown was going to be a Florida Gator.

"I am blessed to be able to be a part of this recruiting class," Brown said. "I have read on the internet that this is going to be a very selective class so for me to have the opportunity is definitely overwhelming. I just felt in my heart that Florida was home for me. It just felt comfortable from the coaches to the campus to the whole 9-yards. Florida just fit me best and I can't wait to get to Gainesville and compete with some of the best athletes everyday in practice going against All-Americans because that will bring out the best in my game and I cant wait to get a chance to start playing with these guys"

Brown had narrowed it down to Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Auburn but in the end, it was all about the University of Florida.

"Florida really sealed the deal when I was visiting over the summer," he said. "I have visited Gainesville four times. I got a feel for the program and the coaching staff, and over this time, coach Heater and I have been able to establish a great relationship with each other. I just felt comfortable is what it came down to in the end. All the programs that I visited had great facilities and the atmosphere was great on all my visits but after visiting all these other schools Florida was just home for me, I got chills when I was on the Florida campus."

Brown has built a very strong relationship with Urban Meyer and his position coach Chuck Heater.

"It has been great to have the defending national champions recruit me throughout this process," Brown said. "Growing up people dream that they could have the opportunity that I have so for me to actually live the dream puts me at a loss for words. My relationship with Coach Meyer and Heater started early on and has grown over time. Coach Meyer is excited about getting me on campus and I cannot wait. Coach Heater talks to me all the time about developing me as a player and as a man. It has been a great experience all the way around and I feel like my relationship with both of them is great. Coach Meyer is a players coach and that's something that every player wants with their coach so I am glad I have a great relationship with both of them going in."

Brown said the atmosphere in The Swamp against the Vols was unmatched.

"The game was amazing," Brown added. "I've never sen anything like it in the world. At times I could feel my seat shaking. The Gator fans were amazing. What the Gators did today was unheard of."

Many close to the Brown family are thrilled to call him a Gator but none more so than dad.

"We are excited and honored that the University of Florida extended an invitation with a written scholarship offer to become part of the Gator Family," Terrell Brown said. "We feel that defensive backs are a high priority for the 2008 recruiting class and believe that Jeremy has the necessary skills and ability to be an outstanding defensive back in coach Chuck Heater's defensive scheme. This is truly a blessing to be part of something special. What a tremendous opportunity to be coached by Urban Meyer and to walk among champions. What does it mean to have Jeremy be a Gator? To observe the maturity of my son arrive to the decision to commit to the University of Florida and become a Gator, It means the world."

When Brown received his official offer letter from the University of Florida it was a true blessing and a dream come true but Father and son are not the only family members that like the Gators.

"Jeremy's grandfather and uncle are also big Gator fans as well, plus all the people that we work with," Brown's father said. "It's no secret that we have had them high on our list for sometime."

How close did Jeremy Brown come to actually playing for Charlie Weiss, Tommy Tuberville, Butch Davis or Mark Richt we will never know but one thing is for sure. In the end the opportunity to play for head coach Urban Meyer and the defending national champion Florida Gators was a dream come true.

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