Johnson with Something to Think About

Wide receiver Davon Johnson took an un-official visit this weekend to watch as the Florida Gators dismantled the Tennessee Volunteers. Johnson, originally a Miami commitment now has something to think about.

Davon Johnson attended with his mom and dad (former Gator Ben Hanks) and thought the atmosphere was something special.

"It was crazy with all the fans tailgating before the game and everything like that," Johnson said. "We had a chance to catch the Gator Walk, and it was something special."

What was the atmosphere like inside the stadium?

"My adrenaline was rushing through my entire body. It was something that I have never experienced before. The environment was just crazy all the way around but especially inside the stadium."

Playing on the offensive side of the ball, how exciting was it for you to watch this offense do what they did to a team like Tennessee?

"I like the offense a lot. They put up a bunch of points, and I could see myself playing in that scheme."

What did mom and dad think?

"My mom and dad had a great time. You know my dad played for the Gators back in the day, so he loved everything about the trip. My mom really loved the trip. The fans and just regular people recognized my dad, so it was pretty neat for him when all these people kept coming up to him."

What is up next for you?

"From here I just want to get back home and get into a routine and focus on my senior season. Once the season is over, I will take some more trips and set up an official to the University of Florida."

While he had previously committed to the University of Miami, Johnson says that he left Gainesville with something to think about. Keep an eye on this situation as it will be very interesting down the stretch.

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