Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week Three

Once again your intrepid staff has banded together to provide you with the most accurate ranking of the nation's best college football teams. Remember our No. 13 spot is reserved for a dubious achievement and boy were there plenty of those to choose from!

#1 L-S-U --- BB: "Terrifying defense. Florida/LSU looks like the regular season game of the year."

#2 Southern Cal --- LV: "Booty takes lead in Heisman race."

#3 Florida

#4 Oklahoma --- HC: "Let's just give the them the Big 12 title and cancel the rest of the season."

#5 West Virginia

#6 California --- BB: "It seems like there's a big drop off after the top four, but they should give USC a fight."

#7 Penn State --- LV: "JoePa might have his best team in years."

#8 Texas --- CC: "Give them credit for going into Orlando against a decent team on the road."

#9 Ohio St --- CC: "Very nice win on the road (at Washington)."

#10 Wisconsin --- HC: "The least impressive back to back wins you will see from a top ten team."

#11 Rutgers

#12 Oregon

Also getting votes --- Alabama, South Carolina, Boston College

#13 Louisville's Defense --- CC: "Even Notre Dame could score on them."

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