Chambers Talks about UF Visit

O'Neill Chambers, from Harmony (Fla.) High School is 6-3, 205-pounds and runs in the 4.55 range. One of the top wide receiver prospects in the Central Florida area, Chambers took an unofficial visit to the University of Florida. Did this weekend change his top three?

O'Neill Chambers profile

What were your impressions of Gainesville?

"It was real nice I had a good time. I liked the atmosphere a lot and it was a great game to watch. I was surprised that Florida beat them like that. At half time, I thought it would be a better game. Tennessee's offense wasn't connecting at all though, and when you are on the road, you need to capitalize on your chances."

Where do you have Florida on your list of favorites?

"I think it is too early to tell. There are a bunch of players that Florida has offered and stuff like that and a lot of them were at the game. I still have not proved my point to the staff that I am a good wide receiver. I was sitting back and watching everyone observing them and how they act around each other."

Did you get a chance to speak with the Florida staff?

"I spoke with Coach Gonzales and Coach Meyer and they were excited that I was able to make it to the game and spend some time with the players and stuff like that"

What did mom and dad think of Florida?

"They liked it. My dad is a Florida fan, and he likes it up there, so he was talking some trash to me a little bit because of the outcome of the game and everything because I grow up a Miami fan."

Where do you go from here?

"I am going to Purdue on the 28th of this month. I think that somewhere around playoff time or at the end of the season is when I will make my choice. Right now its BYU, Maryland and then Florida."

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