Q&A: Drew Miller

Drew Miller sat down with the media on Monday, discussing game preparation, the Gators' promising young defense, overcoming injuries and other topics.

Is it hard to sleep the night before games?

"I've never really had a problem with that. I've heard of some guys being nervous before games and not being able to eat before games. But I don't usually have a problem eating."

What are your thoughts on having to get up early to play the game?

"It really makes sleep important. You got to have a good night's sleep. I don't mind getting up early and getting going. The ideal game for me, personally, would be around three o'clock. I don't like late games and I don't like early games. You just have to get used to it."

Tony Joiner said that there was a lot of concern about the defense with all those young guys. But seeing them every day in practice, you guys knew what they were going to be capable of. Did you see that?

"Definitely, I never had any doubt they had so much athletic ability and can play this game. I was just worried experience-wise in big games. They stepped up tremendously and hopefully this builds confidence for them. But yet they also realize that they have to prepare the same way they did for this game each and every game."

How did you think Maurice Hurt did when he had to come in?

"He played great. I'm really proud of him and we always knew he was capable. He played some last year. He got hurt in preseason so it kinda knocked him off a bit and Maurkice [Pouncey] stepped up over him. But he never lost his composure and kept trying hard and working hard. His number was called and he played well."

Do you have to do a lot of talking when a guy who hasn't been playing with the first team comes in?

"Yeah, I try to make him as comfortable as possible. I'll call out what they have to do just to give them reminders. Whether they know it or not, I don't want any missed assignments. If I can tell them something about the play that'll help then I'm going to do it."

Is it tough seeing Trautwein?

"I'm sure he's disappointed that he can't be out there with us. I know I would be. It's his senior season and we're still not sure what's going on with that. He comes in and tries to help out the young guys with film and different things but obviously, it's hard on him. We talk a lot and try to give him words of encouragement. He seems fine whenever you're talking to him but you know deep down it's hurting."

On Percy's 19-yard touchdown run, what did you see on that play? What did it look like from your perspective?

"I remember I was trying to chase and get a block on somebody. I couldn't catch up to anybody and he just spun off of him. I just ran over and grabbed him in the end zone. I pretty much didn't do anything."

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