Ole Miss Wrap

To win on the road in the SEC you must take care of the football. On Saturday, Rex Grossman treated it like a hot potato. Numeber eight had his worst game of the season and maybe his career with four interceptions. Gators lose 17-14.

In a season where the offensive line, special teams, and run defense have been questioned as some point or another, it is now time to look at quarterback Rex Grossman.  Last year's Heisman runner up now has to accept his turn from the critics.  After his performance of only 19 completion's and 4 interceptions (give credit to Ole Miss as well) on Saturday, he now will be the focus of the blame for the next seven days.

Eli Manning was held without a touchdown pass for the first time in his career. He was sacked several times and his offense produced 6 points. Those came after the first of Grossman's interceptions in the second half.I  ngle Martin looked better than Ray Guy, the kickoff coverage team dominated and the Gators were even two for two on extra points. Ole Miss had under 200 total yards of offense and Manning looked confused the entire first half.  But, after half-time the Gator offense quickly allowed Ole Miss back in the game and the defense just could not find a way to score.

Grossman appeared out of rhythm for most of the day except the late drive in the first half. He had two chances to pull the victory out late in the fourth quarter and could not get it done. The final throw of the day for Rex was a result of being hit, chased and battered, as he sailed it over the head of Taylor Jacobs.  It was not just Ole Miss who did the damage, give the Vols and Canes credit for making Grossman so off.   Rex has taken more shots in six games than he did the entire season last year. He was due for an off day and it cost Florida the victory. Sure Florida should have been able to run better versus the Rebels.  But it did not happen, and in the end, Rex was on his own. There were some questionable calls against Florida, including calling Mike Degory down the field on the throwback pass to Rex.  Matt Leach also kicked the ball too low for a blocked field goal.

But this game was not about calls, breaks or home field, it was about Rex finally having an off day and no one there to bail him out. The Gators must pick up the pieces and still try to win the SEC East and get to Atlanta. One thing is more clear now than ever, this Gator team cannot win games against quality opponents unless #8 comes to play. Today in Oxford he did not have his "A" game and the Gators are now looking up at the Georgia Bulldogs.

Post: Head Coach Ron Zook praised his defense and gave credit to Ole Miss and their defense. He could not explain the play of Grossman but said he will get it corrected.

My Game Balls: Gator Defense-one goal line stand and no touchdown passes for Eli Manning. Give one to Ingle Martin and a half of one to Carlos Perez for his first half performance.

Next Up:  LSU.  Another stout defense whose quarterback is starting to gain confidence.  Should be a tough one in the Swamp next Saturday night.

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